Monday, May 25, 2009

Math! Turn up ur speakers!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey everyone...

this video is kinda.. strictly 18 ++ ish?

got it from a friend's blog! hahaha

so... enjoy at ur own risk!

I did warn ya!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Temptation...

What do u do...
if you are really hungry... and with no apparent budget for food.....

You grab a friend and get a meal!

well people... it was yesterday....
me and Adrian met up at coll..
got bored...

and well..
hungry too....

we decided... maybe pizza would be fine....

so we ordered a set where each of us had

2 soups!

2 bread sticks!

half a jug of Pepsi...

ONE pizza!!!

oh yea!!

I'm sorry that there are people out there whom are hungry....
but... like what my new shirt says....

don't really care....

coz i can't do much about it....

ps : Hey coll mates! gotta do this again some times!! with more people!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Cezlynn!!!

The Title says it all...

Yup... Ben's going to be busy again!! =(


Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey!! Guys out there!!

Alright listen up!

i've got a friend named Adrian...
whom i discover his ability to make girls trip when he stares at them....

i'm still wondering how does he even do it....

Situation :

*guys walking down the street*

*Adrian Stares at girl*

Girl : AHHH!!! *screams* oh my god! i almost fall!

Girl's Friends : hahahaha...

Kinda funny when u think of it....
maybe it's just his smile.....

Adrian with his cheeky smile!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I ain't dead... just plain busy!

Hey everyone...
yup i know... 4 months of Disappearance!


been studying hard!
got really good results for my final exam!

all worth it...
but had abandoned my blog!

here's some photos of my recent trip to cherating!



Thursday, January 08, 2009

The War.....Israel - Gaza...

Moments before the first shell laid.....

"We have been harrassed for too long... too long.."

That's what happens when everyone dont get your facts straight.....
I'm sick of this shit going on... and the world are a bunch of freakin pussies....


The war that's going on in Israel and Gaza.....



The "GOOD HEARTED" people of the world says :
Stop the violence...
stop the murder.....
Stop it all in Gaza.....


I say...
to Hell with it....

I'm sick of ppl being pittyful over the being of politics...
It's because of politics in the first place... there was violence....

a age old long war which begun since who the hell knows...

Here's my reason....

For all what we know about the war is Israel made a full attack on gaza is that Israel is evil and cruel... murder... shit.....

Have u all ever read?!

Stupid people...!

January 25, 2006,
Hamas won a plurality of 42.9% of the total vote and 74 out of 132 total seats (56%).
When Hamas assumed power the next month,
it refused to recognize international demands (stupid thing to do)
that it renounce violence and recognize Israel, (really stupid thing to do...)
and in April, several nations,
including the United States and the collective nations of the European Union,
responded by cutting off direct aid to the Palestinian government,
(because of doing the stupid things above you get it)
although some of that money was redirected to humanitarian organizations
not affiliated with the government.
The resulting political disorder and economic stagnation led to many
Palestinians emigrating from the Gaza Strip.

In January 2007, fighting errupted between Hamas and Fatah.
(no money and country dying still wanna fight!?)
The deadliest clashes occurred in the northern Gaza Strip,
where General Muhammed Gharib,
a senior commander of the Fatah-dominated Preventative Security Force,
died when a rocket hit his home.
Gharib's two daughters and two bodyguards were also killed in the attack,
which was carried out by Hamas gunmen.[26]

At the end of January 2007, a truce was negotiated between Fatah and Hamas.[27]
(finally good things happen)
However, after a few days, new fighting broke out.[28] (idiots... should i say more>?)
Fatah fighters stormed a Hamas-affiliated university in the Gaza Strip. Officers from Abbas' presidential guard battled Hamas gunmen guarding the Hamas-led Interior Ministry.[29]

In May 2007, new fighting broke out between the factions.[30]
(look! more fighting!?)
Interior Minister Hani Qawasmi,
who had been considered a moderate civil servant acceptable to both factions,
resigned due to what he termed harmful behavior by both sides.[31]
Fighting spread in the Gaza Strip
with both factions attacking vehicles and facilities of the other side.

In response to constant attacks by rocket fire from the Gaza Strip,
(want to bomb ppl also DON'T MISS LAH!!! STUPID PRICKS!
obtained a cheap diploma on launching a rocket from the internet?)
Israel launched an air strike which destroyed a building used by Hamas.
( Israel Reason : U throw rock for no reason... i'll bang you)
Ongoing violence prompted fear that it could bring the end of the Fatah-Hamas coalition government, and possibly the end of the Palestinian authority.[32]
Hamas spokeman Moussa Abu Marzouk placed the blame for the worsening situation in the Strip upon Israel,
stating that the constant pressure of economic sanctions
upon Gaza resulted in the "real explosion."[33]
Expressions of concerns were received from many Arab leaders, with many offering to try to help by doing some diplomatic work between the two factions.[34]

One journalist wrote an eyewitness account stating:

Today I have seen people shot before my eyes, I heard the screams of terrified women and children in a burning building, and I argued with gunmen who wanted to take over my home.I have seen a lot in my years as a journalist in Gaza, but this is the worst it's been.[35]

Hamas control (2007-present)

Hamas take-over of the Strip
In June 2007, the Palestinian Civil War between Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) and Fatah (Palestine Liberation Movement) intensified.
Hamas routed Fatah after winning the democratic election, and by 14 June 2007,
the Gaza Strip was completely overrun by Hamas,
which effectively controlled the Gaza Strip and proclaimed itself to be the
legitimate government of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by declaring a state of emergency,
dissolving the unity government and forming a new government
without Hamas participation. (Backstabbing begins! i like)

PNA security forces in the West Bank arrested a number of Hamas members.
Abbas's government won widespread international support. In late June 2008 Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia said that the West Bank-based Cabinet formed by Abbas was the sole legitimate Palestinian government, and Egypt moved its embassy from Gaza to the West Bank.[36] The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip faces international, diplomatic, and economic isolation.
However, both Saudi Arabia and Egypt supported reconciliation and the forming of a new unity government, and pressed Abbas to start serious talks with Hamas. Abbas had always conditioned this on Hamas returning control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority. Hamas was supported by Syria and Iran, and is believed to have brought in large sums of money from the latter.
Hamas fighters are also believed to have received training in Iran.
Hamas has been invited to and has visited a number of countries,
including Russia, and in the EU countries,
opposition parties and politicians called for a dialogue with
Hamas and an end to the economic sanctions.

After the takeover, Israel closed its border crossings with Gaza.
(if they didn't who know they will go into israel and start the problem there?!)
Following the refusal by Israel and its allies to recognize the democratic election of Hamas,
the EU Border Monitors at the Rafah Crossing were unable to perform their functions under the Agreement, citing security concerns, resulting in the Rafah Crossing being mostly closed
The only land access into the Strip to Israel was via the Erez and Karni crossings.

Meanwhile, Israeli and Egyptian security reports claimed that Hamas continued smuggling in large quantities of explosives and arms from Egypt through tunnels. Egyptian security forces uncovered 60 tunnels in 2007.[37]
(isn't it obvious they wanna start a war? or NOOO? u stupid ah? bring weapons into the country to do what then? make fire crackers?)

Conflict continues

In February 2008, Israeli-Palestinian fighting intensified with rockets launched at Israeli cities and Israel attacking Palestinian militants. (if you checked back... israel didn't start)
An increase in rocket attacks led to a heavy Israeli military action on 1 March 2008,
resulting in over 100 Palestinians being killed according to BBC News,
as well as two Israeli soldiers. Israeli human rights group B'Tselem estimated that 45 of those killed were not involved in hostilities, and 15 were minors.[56]

After a round of tit-for-tat arrests between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza strip and West Bank, the Hilles clan from Gaza were relocated to Jericho on 4 August 2008.[57]

Claiming specific intelligence reports, on 4 November 2008, Israel invaded the southern part of Gaza near the Rafah refugee camp, killing six people and seizing six others. It is believed that many of the tunnels that serve to import weapons into Gaza were destroyed. Hamas responded by recommencing the firing of home-made rockets.
( no money to buy rockets? No problem!)

Retiring Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on 11 November 2008,
"The question is not whether there will be a confrontation, but when it will take place, under what circumstances, and who will control these circumstances, who will dictate them, and who will know to exploit the time from the beginning of the ceasefire until the moment of confrontation in the best possible way.”

On 14 November 2008, Gaza was blockaded by Israel in response to the retaliatory rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas and other militant groups operating inside Gaza, [58] however food, power and water can still enter from Egypt if the Egyptian authorities allow it.

After a 24-hour period in which not a single Qassam rocket or mortar was fired into Israel, on 24 November 2008 the IDF facilitated the transfer of over 30 truckloads of food, basic supplies and medicine into the Gaza Strip, and it also transferred fuel to the main power plant of the area.
On 25 November 2008 Israel closed its cargo crossing with Gaza due to two rockets being shot at Israel. [60]

December 24th 2008. Israel under attack over 70 rockets fired from Gaza today
(they really wanna start huh? idiots!)

Current situation
(finally israel says they had enough and decided to rape gaza)
On 27 December 2008[61], Israeli F-16 strike fighters launched a series of airstrikes against targets in Gaza.
Struck were militant bases, a mosque,
various Hamas government buildings,
a science building in the Islamic University,
and a U.N.-operated elementary school in a Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.
Strikes against Hamas have resulted in civilian casualties.
The attack was a response to Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel,
which totaled over 3000 in 2008 and which intensified during the few weeks preceding the operation.
A cease-fire was called....
A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas expired in December, 2008.
(cease-fire ended few hours later)
The UN and Palestinian medical staff said at least 434 Palestinians were killed and at least 2800 wounded, including Hamas militants and civilians, in the first five days of Israeli strikes on Gaza.
Israel began a ground invasion of the Gaza strip on 3 January 2009. [63] Israel has rejected diplomatic initiatives for a negotiated cease-fire.

so... indirectly for the slaughter... it was NOT Israel's fault....
if you (the reader disagrees?) well.. think of it this way...
i slapped you in the face constantly till you drip blood...
What the hell will you do?

Sit there huh?

just another politician....

As the world Cries for help....
i say...
just get rid of the PROBLEM once and for all....

Then this questions arrise...
what is the PROBLEM?



All gone....

Hey everyone...
wondering why i didn't post?
here's the it....
got robbed.....
was planning to get all my post done....
which includes turkey... everything just came storming donwn...

yup... my lappie's gone....
and not forgetting my favourite file! arse.....

oh well...