Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a Friday...

Off to uni... 😏

It's been a busy week...
Good part about it? It's ending!
And next week is a break..
It should provide me with enough time to recuperate and hopefully get all my things in order...

Gonna wish myself luck for today...
It's Design Proficiency...

Some scary shit if you know what I'm talking about... 😓

Ben out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Entrepreneur Engineering - Apple Vs Samsung.

Well, this is my final semester in UNSW,
I did chose to take it a little easier,
dropping most heavy engineering subjects for the slightly relaxed Business courses.

On the recent class , I've honestly found that the topic covered was fairly interesting as it was regarding Samsung's and Apple battle for patent rights.

Check out this link.

From my perspective, i greatly find that the whole issue in the court battles is just apples way of showing a ridiculously large amount of force...

Many would disagree to my point...
lets go alittle back in time...
when it was
Apple vs HP...

that was a pretty sad event from my perspective as HP had to withdraw its product from many places around the world.... Causing losses so high which was almost an under blow to HP giants technology sector.

Going back to our main agenda, Apple and Samsung,
most of my concerns could be explained in this comic.

Suing on the base of patent reasons is just a little off.
As the patent war went into topics such as the single finger swipe which apple claimed to have patent.
and the multi touch functionality of the screen.

It seems not worth fighting for as the patent itself in my opinion is rubbish.... imagine, if someone did patent the qwerty keyboard, and because of that patent, only companies whom purchased licence agreements are allowed to used that design...

wouldn't that just cause mass confusion in the consumer market?
imagine every company has a different computer keyboard for the laptops/desktops.

Just not right.. isn't it?

That's exactly what that single patent is doing....
it's not "Design" It's in humans nature to do things... 
even on a regular piece of paper, to flip it you pull it from a page to another...
it physics... and not something that was only created by programmed function.....

Furthering on this claim, It is obvious that apple wants to achieve market dominance/superiority in the Smart Phone Sector.

If not, they would have already pursue the hundreds of companies which made a fool out of apple products.
here are a few links on this topic that i'm pretty sure would excite you more ....

Link 1 - Apples Win Ushers an era of nastiness.
Link 2 - The Hi-phone 5
Link 3 - This Phone is relatively better than the iPhone....

Many Will disagree on my basis saying that apple 


Would you not agree that a mega company like apple would be able to "delete" its competition...
why didn't they just do what they did to Samsung to the little Chinese Counterparts?

Just cause they don't see the threat like Samsung would...

I'm not hating on Apple Corp, as I have owned several of their products.

This does change future events in the coming markets.

and Samsung didn't really loose....

nor Apple truly won...

but one thing is for sure... is that the 

"Consumers loose"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sometimes It's just not fair....

Just had a really really bad day...
examination/test etc occurred and it's a practical.

well... everything was working perfectly...

the computer which the university provided me with died and took my codes with it to the grave.....

I still wonder now... if i have failed...=/

I placed my full effort and concentration into this shit...
and something that was not on my control fails...
and now... it's MY FAULT!? 0_0


*if it doesn't go well... sadly to say... i WILL get the lawyers....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Heard this browsing the net...

Kinda does bring back memories.. =)


Time flies way too quick

Monday, August 13, 2012

Iphone is acting up.. But hey... I'm not complaining.

My phone's camera has malfunctioned, 
but hey good shots has been taken :)
not including the 2500 photos taken of myself 
and my journey back to Parramatta from the city... =)


Probably the only few reasons why I love watching the skies


Sometimes i do wonder, is it so that bad things happen cause it just does?
Or would it be due to a chain reaction that we could not foresee...

Oh, I'm so angry right now due to stupid reasons...
Furthermore it is not my fault...



Thursday, August 09, 2012

Part 2 Seriously?

Sunday, August 05, 2012


I've just read an article regarding a supposedly legitimate "FACT"
that Beach Volleyball is one of the MOST popular sport in the current Olympics and running...

Out of pure curiosity,
I had no other feeling but to attempt to Prove if it was,
and if it was, of course, the famous question..

After looking through sources such as 

"Volleyball Australia"

I've realized that, Yes it's a fun sport.
there's seriously nothing special about it.
The game is as dull as a football(Soccer) game should.

But then the obvious hit me....

The Statistics don't add up..
what i mean by that is out of 10 football fans , probably 87%-90% of them would have played footie in their life.
But when it comes to Beach Volleyball , it only ranges between 20% - 32%.....
It's just not right huh? (*That's a good amount of Voyeurs*)

Hardcore Beach volley fans would love the Sport.
But there's a vast majority whom loves the PEOPLE in the games

It's been clarified that it is one of very few Olympic sports which players can wear what ever they want...
But with a nation equality condition bla bla bla bla.....

So, I went Picture searching and well...
The findings speak for themselves

Male Teams

But here are the female teams.


With Views like this...

I think the question is NOT , How are the men teams in the Beach Volleyball?

It's "Are there even men teams in Beach Volleyball?"

You want more?

Link Below =)

Enjoy yourselves!

-Ben Out-

One's Down....

Koo-Tan crash out of badminton finals

After Reading that headline, a little part of me was sad that we got trashed during the semi's
watching the team from China kick the pair out of the competition in just a mere 30 minutes is way too shocking.

You guys did your best,
and well... the pressure's on Our world Champion, Chong Wei...


Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Only Time that I'm Proud...

I'm a Malaysian... Although i'm usually never too proud to be one in recent times...
with the Olympics going on this is something that i could look forward to.

As the only 2 nations that i truly support in the Games are,

There's little that can be looked forward to, especially when Australia isn't doing as great as it could in the years before... -_-''

anyway... the following has been adapted from another blog that I've recently browsed

Do Check it out , It's a pretty good read for now.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong beating their respective opponents to advance to the semifinals Thursday

~Meanwhile, Chong Wei, the world number two and top seed in the men's singles competition, as expected delivered the goods when he cruised into the semifinals after defeating Kashyap Parupali from India 21-19, 21-11 in 44 minutes in today's quarterfinals.

~Koo and Tan, the world number eight pair, were the first to bring the all needed cheer to the Malaysian camp after their despatched their quarterfinal opponents Isara Bodin/Jongit Maneepong of Thailand 21-16, 21-18 in 43 minutes at the Wembley Arena here.

Finally something that is not disappointing.


-Ben Out.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

You have just got to open your eyes

Hey guys,
Well uni is well on the way and one thing for sure it's getting tougher by the moment.. Honestly I do wish things were much easier than it is now...

Lately I've been told by alot of friends that I seem to be bumping into acts that people usually don't see... Naming a few are such as:
Watching a guy fall off a boat
Catching a moment of a stunt plane flying between a building
Mistakenly walking in on a couple doing it at the library
The embarrassing sights of a man with his junk hanging out of his pants
And witnessing a female burst into embarrassing mode dropping her stash of dildos on the floor...

And yes.. They were all true...
And NO I'm no voyeur..

Well I'm certain that I don't go looking for things like these to happen... They just happen anyway... Hahaha...

Things like these , honestly are what that makes my life more interesting that it could be... As I'm an engineering student...well there is no life from that huh..

My point is that for those out there whom find life incredibily neutral and dead... Just open your eyes and be surprised that things are never as it seems.

Exemptions for many Asians as the idea of 'opening your eyes wide' might be an impossible task...

-Ben- out..

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