Sunday, August 05, 2012


I've just read an article regarding a supposedly legitimate "FACT"
that Beach Volleyball is one of the MOST popular sport in the current Olympics and running...

Out of pure curiosity,
I had no other feeling but to attempt to Prove if it was,
and if it was, of course, the famous question..

After looking through sources such as 

"Volleyball Australia"

I've realized that, Yes it's a fun sport.
there's seriously nothing special about it.
The game is as dull as a football(Soccer) game should.

But then the obvious hit me....

The Statistics don't add up..
what i mean by that is out of 10 football fans , probably 87%-90% of them would have played footie in their life.
But when it comes to Beach Volleyball , it only ranges between 20% - 32%.....
It's just not right huh? (*That's a good amount of Voyeurs*)

Hardcore Beach volley fans would love the Sport.
But there's a vast majority whom loves the PEOPLE in the games

It's been clarified that it is one of very few Olympic sports which players can wear what ever they want...
But with a nation equality condition bla bla bla bla.....

So, I went Picture searching and well...
The findings speak for themselves

Male Teams

But here are the female teams.


With Views like this...

I think the question is NOT , How are the men teams in the Beach Volleyball?

It's "Are there even men teams in Beach Volleyball?"

You want more?

Link Below =)

Enjoy yourselves!

-Ben Out-

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