Sunday, April 30, 2006

Flyin objects

Okie okie i know i seem abit childish today...
so lets start.... dad went out with mom... got abit too happy and spent money on that thing in d pic.... darn... its like soooo expensive!! could have just given the money to me to save up for another phone.... dammit...hahaha..
anyway its pretty fun playing around with it/... cause d whole time i end up crashing.... and seriously i crashed quite a few me.... that little contraption is just like a blender cause its sooooo DANGEROUS!!

anyway... hmm let me start with todays comment on other people....
1st of all... Karen.... thinking u are such a biggy person... but well ur attitude suck and so u do as well.... stop fagging around telling everyone that u are so fat and ugly and all d millions of crap u keep telling everyone... cause d whole point u are!!! go ahead complain to ur bf and getting him to come after me...he's a coward anyway...

day rating :


ps: if u all got any complains about other people say it 2 their face...even if it is me... DO IT!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I.U Day rocked!!!

HAHA!!! I.U Day was great!!! seriously!!!


we were all prepared for everything that might go wrong and guess what... nothing did go wrong..hahaha!!

Our theme was " Spirit Within" the theme that "I" created!! hahaha yea!! hahaha it rocked!!!

hahahahaha hmm... there are some photos of our Interact B.O.D..hahaha

seriously the food is great!!! we had "nasi briyani" haha and other stuff like curry and stuff...and stuff....u get it?? hahahaha...

Ganesha was dancing and changing the whole song that turned out really GREAT!! Where our teacher Pn Jasvir started to dance on stage!! hahaha... we were all getting high and stuff....hahaha

We were all Rocking!!!

-Dj ReCoN-

Day Rating


ps: sorry everyone i was typing this in a quick way!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Prepare for battle!!


seriously today was I.U Day preperation thinggy..hahahaha and i am like ssoooooooo nervous!!!
i am like in so much trouble if i cant get my stuff done...hahahaha

i am in charge of some no no... wait not some... all the video presentations....hahaha

even the preparation for the drama team are like all becoming abit homo...hahahaha u get what i mean...hahahaha.... (d pic on top)
hahahahaha and our sound engineers are also worried..hahahaha....anyway...cant type too long... gtg..... too tired..
night night everyone...hahahahaha


Day Rating 6/10

Monday, April 24, 2006


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

what a great wEEK for La Salle Klang!!! yea!! we taken the Silver home!
Although we were aiming for d GOLD!!... it was a good try anyway...
we were at S.M.K Meru...
seriously they are a great school... no complain or self thanking... their school's facilities are great!!
but to bad d FOOD at La Salle Klang is still much better!! hahaha...:P
the school that won was like... arr.. damn i dont remember their names...hahaha sorry if u are reading this...hahaha in a blur state...hahaha...
at the competition i met our old little friend Mr William as i called him hahaha...
he looks better than ever but too bad i was a little sick at that time so i did not get the time to talk to him ...hahah i think i was infested with all kinds of sickness..hahaha
maybe is mentaly thingy too nervous!..hahaha...but what i know is that i was darn rite nervous..hahaha!! especially when the news came out telling that we beaten kisas...
and i am serious everyone kisas comes to every competition with a nuclear bomb...hahaha but they missed this time..YES YES YES!!.hahaha sorry guys see ya next year!

Furthermore... when the prize giving ceremony started i was happy but dissapointed that we did not win...haih... wish i could go back to change d script of d program!?!?! hahaha...

okie so far latest news my friends seem to change their numbers...hahaha a few of them are Hellen, and Lyndy...hehehe... whats going on u ask??i wish i knew myself...hahaha :P

anyway the suprising thing about S.M.K Meru is that they dont even know that La Salle even existed! hahaha..

a few guys were like " La Salle?! , kamu dari sekolah Kuala Lumpur kah??"

i was like " tidak lah..kamu tahu tak manakah S.T.A.R? (short for sekolah tengku ampuan rahimah)"

Then he looked at me in an extreemely blur way and said ..." sekolah bintang?!?! ada ke sekolah bintang?"

hahaha i was laughing out loud in myself...hahaha anyway i manage to explain in a blur way to him where is La Salle school...hahaha.. he was like

" oooo..... ya ke... thank you ya." hahahaha

yes!!! i am still sooo happy!!! hahaha....


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I am Pretty much COMPLETE!?!?

Hey people!!

Today was pretty great!!
hahaha although had a little fight here and there over a chair (yea i know its dumb but we're guys) so what then,,,hahaha....anyway its okie already planning to say sorry to d barbie doll feller..hahaha sould i say his name??? if he's reading hahaha sorry dude....

anyway our bio script is ready for tomorrow... i am feeling extreemely nervous and furthermore.. i am actually obsessed with the picture of d paramecium that is pretty cool! seriously! look at d pic above!! cool eh... and seriously its green in colour!! yea... anyway tomorrow is like D-DAY!! for me... too nervous! hope i can get La Salle's first gold!! haih... our school's luck is horrible this year... alittle too bad...

is u guys wanna know where i am going its in S.M.K Meru.... heard is a coet school... goodie me...hahaha:P

u get d pic dont ya?? heh-heh-heh...:P

anyway i've gtg... abit tired today hope it will be better soon..


Viva El Ben

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!!

hey ya everyone!

okie today was seriously great...i brought my laptop to school for our project...but we ended up spending 50 % of the time playing d whole time... and d other 0% is pretty much silly....hahaha

Tan Lee Kiong was all high and i cant seem to tell if he knew what he was doing... other than that it was weird that my teachers actually gave me permission to leave d class d whole day!?!?!weird la.... got to find out whats going on....


later at night... i was pretty much suprised it was my dad's bday!!
i actually tought it was on thursday!?!??! hahahah evil me...
we had 4 type of cakes!! yea!!!


all together the cakes weighed 10 kg's!!!hahhha crazy aint it... pure fattness..hahaha
and yea i just put on 2 KG's!!!
other than that i played with my camera taking photos of friends i met there like "Valerie" she getting married!! ahahaha
She and her bf or i could say future hubby is like such a cute couple!!hahahaha
thats all for now... getting tired...hahahasee ya ppl!!

overall day rating

btw..pic of d bday party!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Well Everyone practically nothing happened today..only thing i've done is......hmm...NOTHING!!! HAHAHA...we were doing our bio project thingy for school competition with my team...
That actually gave me a little idea to skip class..and even better its for the whole day!!! but overall was alittle too tired...
Cant think of anything to concentrate on.... blur blur now....and its already 10 while i am chatting friend Sonia Chin...from star school... she's friendly ...seriously !

And Finally...Today's Day Rating!
ps: sleepy photo in school!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hey Hey!!!

Well Everyone its been quite a while since i wrote my 1st blog that was named "All About Life" where i actually did type about 496 topics up...
well off with d old and welcome to my new blog...
here i promise i will not hide names with little " * " or other than that... and dont worry people! photos will be up and critisism would be here to bugg all of u....hahaha....

happy reading!!

Viva El Ben!