Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why do we have Emotions?

Hey Everyone..

well today's post would be about Emotions...

We as human beings have a body and a mind.
With the body, we move around and do work.
With the mind, we think, and experience emotions.
Imagine of a human being with no emotions whatsoever.

Only a thinking machine who reacts to nothing emotional but makes scientific analysis.
Imagine telling a joke to him/her.
They will not laugh at it, but either ignore it or analyze the joke. *it would seem stupid then wouldn't it*

They make life difficult for those around them. After all what is a person without any emotions?

Why do we have emotions at all?
Your computer on which you are sitting right now is a perfect machine to analyze, think and give results. It has no emotions.
It is only an intelligent machine.

Why are human beings not like that? Would life be better if we had no emotions? We would lose all the charm of living if there was no trace of any emotion in any of us. Let us take some situations. A death - people gather, complete the ceremonies and depart.

No wet eyes, no remembering the dead soul, no sense of loss. The law of nature is simple. One who is born has to die.

So only intelligent understanding of that but no feeling of loss. Can you visualize the scene?
Love, what is Love, if not an emotion?
So there will be no love.
People will meet, produce children and get away from each other.
No love, no romance.

What about family? They may have a family for the children to grow up.
Then the family will get separated through life itself children growing up and moving on....

Coming to achievements, discoveries and inventions.

Why will a person without any emotions, feel good by achievements or get excited with discoveries?
So nothing great. Only minimum existence needs to be met.

It is the time for us now in this discussion to imagine of everything we do in life. Practically all our actions are governed by emotions. Imagine a person winning an Olympics gold medal and walking away without any expression! Think of more situations and you will realize the role of emotions in life.

We have emotions, because we are not low-level animals.
Because even dogs and cats have emotions.

We have emotions because they make us enjoy life.

They make us perform great things and they make us human.

Love Life at it is... Don't go out finding the way to discover it... Let it Discover You...
The True You..


Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to negotiate in Relationships! FOR GUYS ONLY!!

Hey everyone.... well... finally my latest post..
but before i begin....
I'm sorry to say this but arr...
do u all see the button that says "back"? hehe... okay... click! hehehe..
coz today's post is mainly for guys.. but if you feel like reading go ahead...
i'm not stopping ya... enjoy okay?

well... I'm here now to talk about

Well negotiation is part of every day life. To negotiate means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both are happy and contented with the results. If you believe that negotiation is only part of professional life, you need to take a look at your personal relationship. Do you not negotiate with your partner about where to spend holidays, which house to buy, and every such thing? Learn more about negotiation to make your relationships stronger.

Needs of your partner-

A good negotiator would begin with understanding the need of the opposite party.
Sometimes we believe that we know what our partner desires. But that is not true.
Unless you probe you will not know what are the latent desires that your partner wants to fulfill.
For example ,your partner may be thinking of going on holidays not only to relax but also to be more with you.
f you choose to go on holidays with other friends that will not make your partner happy. You need to go alone with your partner to satisfy the desires of being with you. Therefore understand the need first.

Spell out your needs-

Let your partner know very clearly about what you are looking for in any given situation.
I have seen a relationship breaking because the man never told the woman that he would want alittle more out of it. The girl leaving his thoughts untrimmed. This ultimately turned the relationship in an unending roller coaster!
Had the he has spelled out his needs clearly this would not have happened. Therefore do understand what u should tell and what u might need... but ALWAYS, have boundaries!

Reach Understanding -

If both of you modulate your needs so that there is a common ground there are no reasons of friction. If both of you want a result without hurting the relationship, flexible approach is a primary requirement. Otherwise, one of you will walk away. Your skill as a negotiator depends upon satisfying you and your partner.

Hmmm i think all of you readers could conclude it yourself right?
so guys.. show out what u mean in your relationship... and understand what it's all about.. =3


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tag Tag Tag! XD

Hey hey everyone! hahaha well
today's post is gonna be about...
TAG....! not again!

and this time its from none other than Shennie =3

well oh well...

lets see here...

i'm suppose 2 list out 32 things starting wit I's..

1. ~ I feel like speeding on the highway to a secret destination..

~ I think i'm getting sick these few days...

~ I miss her alot....

~ I should start studying for my exams..

~ It would be wonderful to be under the rain with the person u love..

~ I've been wondering is there ever a time in the future where we would all be having unlimited free phone calls...

~ I wanna go to paris...

~ I don't wanna go to school...

~ I found out that if u put a certain thought in your mind before you sleep you would end up dreaming of it!

~ I love my life now...

11. ~ If everyone is fair in life... life would be sometimes pointless...

~ I realize that love comes in many ways... sometimes the ones you love are right infront of you all the while... and sometimes u meet them along the way.. =3

~ Its common for people to forget things so don't get all angry about it.. =)

~ I wanna get the feeling of being free

~ I want a new pair of white clothings

~ I wish all the white clothes i have don't get abducted! eek!

~ I know that through the eyes of another person their true character can be discovered...

~ I wondered why sometimes girls are really curious ppl (going to ask shen about it hehe..)

~ I know that sometimes people bleed inside..

~ I love my life now...

~ I wish i could spend more time with her...

~ It's weird since i stepped down from my posts in school i've been releasing my anger at anyone whom's not fair...

~ I've not been giving advices to alot of people lately ... coz... they've not been asking! hahaha!

~ I wanna watch more movies...

~ I wish some of my dreams are realities...

~ I enjoy doing community service

~ I wonders sometimes if i could have a chance to go on a really long holiday with her...

~ I can't believe that my dog lucky is really lazy! hahaha!

~ I'm planning to get a can of coke tomorrow... weird huh? coz i don't drink coke as much as i used to...hahahaha

~ I'm trying to control my self from eating dragon fruits... eek...

31.~ I wonder what's she doing now...

~ It's interesting that my sis got a new car for her self...

hey!? seriously 32 is really simple i tell ya...hahaha
so i guess i'll have to tag 3 more people.. hmmm... who should i tag...

1. Jia Chyi!
2. Soh Yew Chong!
3. U-Mae!

well...sorry... i seriously have no idea how i chosed u all...
it was totally random! *closed eye and poke*

seeya everyone!


Thursday, August 09, 2007


Loyalty loyalty….

These are the worlds which brought me up in school….

And in the end…they tore me apart….

A few days with a slight conflict… that involved money…

All my class could not fight against was the world loyalty…

Having been said to that if we don’t pay up our money for the school’s magazine we’re not supporting the school thus we are not loyal for the past 5 years!

The topic was “Applying for the school’s Magazine Page”

The problem was that no one was willing to complete the page

Our Decition was “ forget the page lah…”

The Final Solution forced to do it anyway…

Teacher : T

Me : B

Greg : G

Other students : S

Our conversation went:

T : ALL OF U ARE A DISGRACE! For all the school have done for you ,you give nothing back!?

S : This is so last minute! What do u expect us to do?!

S: Yea! None of us wants to complete the page!

S : whats the point of us paying for the page then?

T : all of u are Un LOYAL!

S : *grumbles*

B : Speaking of loyalty….

T : (interrupts) all of u don’t know what the school has done for you?!

-in our minds we were all thinking… what has the school done for us!? Oooh! Yes yes yes… I remember… car parking for teachers.. more air conditioning for the teacher room… and not forgetting all the flowers and crap-

-these are the things we all don’t need in a school!

All we really need are teachers who actually play their part…

And do YOU know what their part is?!


In my class among all the teacher that teaches my class… I could only say that 3 teachers are doing their part… but the others are either absent… or just plain boring us with their stories…..

Yes yes…I agree that sometimes teachers are ment to be like that… but at least learn the ways which we would be able to enjoy learning in…

S: a lot of us don’t want to pay…

T : if all of u don’t pay… the principle will do something to you…

S : *something*? *thinks*

B : (telling to greg) I’ve been in this school working with it for the past 5 years… and I know… the school can’t do anything to us…

G : hmmm

S: haih….

T: *points at me* what have you done to the school ?! but telling everyone that..

B : (angry) I’VE GIVEN SO MUCH FOR THE SCHOOL WHAT HAS IT GIVEN BACK TO ME?! I BROUGHT MY SELF UP… and the school did not help me….

S : True.. he brought the school up with him… not the other way…

T : *tries hard to change topic* if you all do thing’s while expecting something back you will always end up disappointed.

Well… teacher started ignoring all the comments and left class…so much for our lesson time….

Well I did not expect anything back… but all I wanted is a mere simple lesson of respect… that’s all I ever wanted…

Seeing after the moment I started to step down from my positions… seeing the school itself making bad decisions… for one of the fact were the colours… although I wanted it but did not get it… I didn’t really mind having received other awards already….

But for the fact of some other students that deserved it..

like Kok Hooi… which I’ve seen giving a lot for the school with his services…

and also Koh Keik Wee and Abdullah whom deserved a better award than the one they received..

and for the ton’s of applications in the list …whom too also deserved at least some gratitude...

but with all of this …

the school gave one word and rejected the others… Loyalty… I felt crushed…

if the loyal student’s that worked with me did not do it for the school…

it brings out a question….


I thank my fellow friends for being with me all the way showing what our school’s true spirit really is… having a strong ground to stand above all and keeping the school’s true spirit going….

After our year ends… when the seniors go...all I know is that a mere 10 – 20 students out of the hundreds… only know the true meaning of La Salle which brings out the true meaning of Loyalty…



Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tortures For Flies 15

Hey everyone... well there was charlie...
Now its time for
"tortures for Flies! 15!"


Tortures For Flies 15: Man Power - Funny video clips are a click away

Thursday, August 02, 2007


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