Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well everyone….
My school year is about to end tomorrow…
although its not the last day…but I wont be attending it….

Today has been a sad day… with the “I’ve been touched” feeling around…

School was crappy… only 54 students came… including the prefects!
And also I ended up skipping school at about 12 in the afternoon… school actually ends at 2!

Hehe…well when I reach home my plans were simple…
Baby Lill is coming over! Yea!!
But plans changed!!

Okay… mom’s wireless keyboard and mouse has spoilt for the 2nd time!! Believe it!!!

Yes!! Okay it’s the most expensive wireless desktop in the market and for it to actually be “Broken” is very much unlikely… but too bad it did…

there it goes the so called GREAT LOGITECH! HAHA..
Well actually… if u were to root down the problems…hehehe there’s always some one to blame .. hehe


1st time! (There's a start!)
Instructions say : Do not place receiver next to any electronic devices or metallic objects
We Said : Who gives a damn,( placed it next to the monitor and another wireless object)
Effect : Short Circuit and burnt out led bulbs!

2nd time! Hehe (it always gets better)
Instructions say : Do not in any condition remove the battries of the wireless mouse and keyboard unless its placed for keeping.
My Instructions : Who gives a damn, to save batteries we’ll just remove the battries every time we are not using it!
Mom said : Are u sure?
My Assurance : Don’t Worry I am very very sure!
Effect : Wireless mouse lost its sensitivity and could not detect signal!

Okay… for both the problems every single problem we faced we had to send it back to the shop for processing and checking! Haha…I manage to use my “WHAT THE FK HAPPEN TO THIS SHIT!?” technique! It worked!!
And for both the times they had switched a new set for us…
But too bad I’ve learnt my RM 169 lesson … “ DO NOT BUY STUFF ON PROMOTION!! “ unless you’ve been recommended by a friend or our most helpful friend “Mr internet!”

Anyway after that we picked up Baby Lillian from the Fruity and went home..
I was actually pretty sad cause it may be the last time I would see her for the next 3 weeks or so… L…sad isn’t it… but she’ll always be with me…hehe..
She came over while we played the sim’s 2 …hehe …

PS: most of the details of that moment.. make it that longgg moment are censored! Hehe..

Going back time was actually the most saddest moment ..
It felt as if it was in a movie… the guy sending the girl home .. but on the way their moment was taken away…
Well..our moment was taken away by the worst criminal this few weeks! THE RAIN!!! ARRR!!! DAMN!! ARRR!!!




Hehe…. Yea I know…its just sad…. And if u all don’t get the feeling that I’m trying to express well.. go outside on a rainy day and just wait in the middle of the road … the feeling would get to you just before the car run's you over! Hahaha KIDDING!!!

Just CUT the car part…. Its actually the feeling of being lost outside on a rainy day….

Anyway everyone… I think this would be my last post for this month as I would be going on my trip to the US... this Friday…
Yes yes I know I’m going to meet the BUSH…hahaha….

Anywayz I’ve gtg ! hehe

Take care everyone and THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG these few days

And as MR TERMINATOR always say… “



Saturday, November 11, 2006


hey everyone....

i know i know...
Yea i know!!

sorry... been busy...
all of u would think...what in the world does ben have to do in school after exams!?

well everyone...
i'll put it all in point form of the things going on around me and my life..

- La Salle School's magazine is out!!
- Planning for next week is important
- Leaving for the United States next friday...
- thinking of what to pack...
- Worried about somethings back here in Malaysia if i'm gone..
- Still Checking Prices For IPOD NANO 2ND GEN
- Deniece is in d hospital (her parents on d way)
- Bee started working..*eek*
- Bee Works from 6pm to 12 am
- Internet Lagging constantly (blame streamyx!)
- Updated Mom's computer (finally after waiting for 2 months)
- Unknown webpages popping out everywhere.! *u know what i'm talking about*
- Need map of California.(Navigation)

Well everyone... i've got nothing more to say...but...i need comments as usuall about everything u see here do email me or just msg me on d chatterbox,!



PS: Pictures :- Bee's Cookies!
Bee's playing GOLF!?!