Saturday, June 28, 2008

Advice ~ How do I know that I should call back? Or Should I not?

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve not been completing all of your requests. A total of 270 ++ entries.
I’ve sorted this question to fulfil 19 people’s requests.
Request came from (majority questioners) : Non-asian countries.
Let’s Begin Shall We.

Q : How do I know that I should call back? Or Should I not?

Do you realize that if you conducted your dating life like your business life,
that you would probably be a far more successful dater?

Think about it -- your follow-ups would be better,
your memory would be better... and your manners would be better.
Not only that, but how you come across to others would be better
because you would not be so emotionally driven and attached to every single outcome.

One of the most common dating situations in which

people always seem to lose their "business skills"

is deciding when to return a phone call after a date leaves a message.
Many people feel it's necessary to create some super-special strategy
to decide when to return that phone message.

This is the most ridiculous thing in the world!

So let's go into it so we can settle this issue once and for all.
In the area of dating, when do you call a date back
after he/she has left you a phone message?

Here are five phone rules that everyone should following when dating:

1: Be Prompt When They're Prompt.

If you give out your phone number and a date calls you within 24 hours,
then you should call this date back within 24 hours.
There should be none of this "waiting four or five days to call" business.
When your date has called you within 24 hours, that's called momentum.
It's called momentum for a reason, and so many people in dating
lose that momentum very quickly by not promptly returning phone calls.
Even if you're busy, call your date back promptly to let your date
know that you're busy and tell your date you will
connect with him/her in a few days when your schedule settles down;
Waiting four or five days to return a phone message to me is simply rude.
You would never do this in your business life,
yet that is what so many people do in their dating life.

2: If They Waited, You May Also Wait.

You've given your phone number to a date,
and that date waits four or five days to call you.
As far as I'm concerned, when that happens you are entitled
to wait four or five days to return that person's call.
That person did not make you a priority, and he/she played games.
Although the person decided to call you,
what he/she was likely actually doing during those
four or five days was debating whether he/she wanted to call you.
This shows lack of interest. I know that when I get a
woman's phone number and wait four or five days to call her, that I'm really not that interested in her and I really don't care whether or not she calls me back.

3: It's OK to Call Right Back.

If a date calls you promptly after you've given him/her
your phone number, then you should call this date back within 24 hours
but it is even perfectly fine to call him/her
back the same night your date called you.
It doesn't look desperate.
It looks like you actually have manners,
that you're someone who pays attention to detail,
and that you're someone who respects other people's time.
Think about this for a second. When a date calls you,
he/she is taking time out of their day to talk to you.
So it's not only "OK," but really simple courtesy,
to acknowledge this with a promptly returned phone call.
This is something we do in business every day without
ever thinking twice about it, but we don't do this in our dating life
because we conduct it with emotionally based decisions.

4: You Can't Manipulate Your Date Into Liking You.

So many people think there needs to be some "strategy"
in making the decision when to return phone calls.
They'll think things like, "Oh, let me think when I should call my date back.
Should I wait four or five days so I'll seem busy and not too available?
If I call back today will I seem desperate?
It doesn't work that way!
This is simply a matter of courtesy and being a mature adult.
If a client calls me and leaves me a message about wanting me to coach him/her,
I will call the client back as quickly as possible
not because I'm desperate for business but
because I respect the fact that the client took the time to contact me.
Playing games and trying to make your date think certain things about you
(like that you're busy or not desperate)
by waiting to return a phone call will not make your date
more interested in you than he/she would otherwise be.
All you will accomplish by doing this is make your date think
you're rude and uninterested.

5: Being Busy Is No Excuse.

So many of us are busy being busy.
As busy people, we get how busy everyone's life can be.
Returning a phone call and leaving a voicemail message,
though, takes only about 15 to 30 seconds.
Returning a call to let a date know that you're busy and
will call him/her in a few days takes barely a minute.
It's better to return a call promptly and let your date
know you're busy and will call him/her in a few days after things settle down
(with work, kids, or whatever it might be),
then to put the phone call off and to think about it.
The longer you wait to call your date back,
the less likely your date will still have the same interest
in you that your date had in the first place.

These are all tips that you should follow in navigating the phone calls you receive from someone you're newly dating. These tips are equally applicable to men and women. So remember to follow these rules, and when your date calls you -- call your date back!


Thanks to : Alex , Deniece , Joanne.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Tree Friends ~ Ski Slope

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As cars went woooossshhhh!!!!

*Poser huh?*

Hey everyone!
Thursday's here... =3 XD

Usually known as one of the most busiest days of college
oh well... i can survive this.. =3
i arrived at college at 7.30 ish?

First comment i received...
and also followed by the extras today morning...

1. Hey ben! why hair so down..?

2. Wah new hair style?

3. your hair so long lah!

4. U've grown a magical forest on ur head.. got leprechaun?

5. Hey no gel ah?

6. u lala ah?

gosh... well... this is the story... i woke up at around 4.30?
just to get work done.. didn't get time to study yesterday...
anyway... where was I...
after completing all my work for college.=3

i got ready...
and now...
to the hair part..
i ran outta gel..
so i'm using those hair clay...

so it works wonders... but it takes time to settle... and well... that's the time i don't have....
so after putting it up...
i ran outta my house and off to college...

upon crossing the road..
cars went...woooooooshhhhh
then woooooossssshhhhh again...

with all the woooshing....
my hairfell...
HAHAHAHHAHA today... is just like dejavu....

seeee!!! i told you!!!!












seee again !!!!
















and finally....



MR $ with his usual speech to me... =3

Anyway... i better goo....


take care everyone!!
and oh yea!!

Kristine!!! hahahahahahahaha

gawd i'm evil...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

zZzZz... WHA?

Hey everyone.. =3

It's a wednesday!!!


*stares in silence*

well.. i went off to coll... and ...

oh gosh... i honestly don't remember what happened..!?!?!?

oh!! okay... college... class... till 2pm...




anyway.. speaking of college... it's just like.. everyone on that day... had no energy...
and it's damn right wrong...
coz there's no football on the morning... and ...
gawd... look at them!!!


except for the picture that i drawn on the whiteboard..

i was definetly high...

our lecturer Mr $ photo that was taken on Monday made him look high too!! =D

anyway... at lunch time...

i joined Sie Hui , Hui Xin and Susan
at a noodle shop..
and it's some franchise thing...
but i've no idea what's the shops name...hahaha
what i know is their noodle is pretty good..=3

anyway... there's this thing going on where
gossips are going on about


oh well....
i better run off...

Ben: I NEED REST.... 0_0


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As Ben goes out with friends!

Hey everyone!! hahaha
guess what!!?
It's a tuesday night!!

and my day is anything BUT Ordinary!
i headed off to college at aroound 11 =3 as classes were gonna start late..
and well... attended our weekly torture class with Dr Chan!!
and gosh!! terrible test results...
she took my marks away coz i left out working... alto my answer was correct...=/
anyway... oh well... it's over...

after math class at around 2pm...
the DEE students...
electrical students that is...
all of us headed off to this place where park (our Korean friend) was taking us...
we had no idea where to go..

and we were going for Korean Food!!


well the main reason park had to take us...
is coz...
NONE of us knew how to eat Korean food..
and some of us was wondering what is kimchi...
i'll tell u what it is in the end...hahahaha

The restaurant is located at some place in Mentari ,SJ...
near the Fish Spa =3

and honestly i love the menu... =D
although it's a little pricey...
but what can u expect... almost everything in the restaurant was imported...

Ahhh... the rice.. and some simple dish..

Park did the ordering...
and not forgetting a bottle of really good alcohol... ah... =D
And look who was caught taking his first bite!!
Jie Hao!!
mmmm =3
and well...
It's obvious we had a really good time...
and It's definetly obvious that everyone was satisfied... =D

After all the eating and drinking... ahh... =D
We took a photo!!

ps: Kim chi is fermented vegetables..=D


and guess who was drunk!!

let's all point at him!!



true satisfaction.... =3
after our heavy lunch... most of us headed off back to college to get to class =3

Malaysian Studies... =3

i had a candid by Fahmi...
and honestly i didn't know!! he was from UK too!!! hahahahaha

after class..
Sie Hui cello taped my mouth.. and well...

its called for photo time!!

Xin : HiYaK!!!

IgGy & SuSiE =D

anyway... i better head off..



Saturday, June 21, 2008

=3 My day isn't really that quiet.. =D

Hey everyone!!
yay! it's a Saturday morning...
but hey!! let's talk about yesterday! XD

it was a regular college day... i had no class and i went to college late! =X
i was at my new house..
waiting for the contractors to come and fix the phone line... =3
it's better ya know.. =3
so happy i'm gonna get internet there by next week ! =D

anyway.. since it's a Friday... It was just another Rotaract day for me... =3
we had our Board meeting where i kinda blew up a little... for the stress buildup the whole week.. including lots of small reasons... -_- piffy.....

Sorry Board! sigh...
*sit's at a corner*

well.. later after the meeting i headed off to meet up with darlin Stephie! =D

believe me... her plan was

Stephie : Can you take me out shopping for my goods?
Benny : Hmmm? alright... i guess it's fine =3 where to?
Stephie : hmmm why not go to Pyramid okay?
Benny : Okay =)

*drives there*

anyway... as most of u will think
i'll be following her around and getting things like that...
well... it didn't really turn out that way... eek!

it was the opposite....
after walking for just a little while...
we found it being impossible to even find her things! eek!
no books at the book store.. and clothes not really recommended... eek!

so we took a walk in Jusco where it SUDDENLY became my turn to shop...
*yes...yes... you're hearing this from me... a guy.... yes...*

I walked to the interior decorating section where i got my 2 tier shoe rack!
and went down to the stationary area to get a wall clock...
yes yes.. I've just moved in... -_-
so the house is pretty empty... ^_^

hahaha... so that part of my day ended in a really weird way....
*laughs out loudly*

did i mention that Darling Stephie is my lucky charm?
Well... for some weird reason... it's just like... =/ how do i say it..
never mind.. I'll tell u what happen...

we headed off to my college area after getting my things.. =3
we were going to Orientation Night... =D
but i promised some people that I'll be going.. =3

Upon reaching there! hahaha
i got a parking spot right in front of the college!

then orientation night was pretty okay..
okay only....
i repeat okay only....
u know... it's the usual malaysian style... -_-
the "I'm better at stoning" thing... hahhaha
anyway... Stephie and i Left the college after that... =3
and guess what..... hahahah!
we got freebies from puma! =3

well... the day ends after all that excitement! =D

Anyway... if you really wanna know what
happened at orientation night for the first half.. ask me alright!

gotta go people! =3

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hey peeps!! =D
just wanna tell ya that updates are gonna be alittle slow!!
having trouble managing time at my new place...

yea... it's shitty....

will be back with photos!

-BeN -

PS: I'm gonna get internet connection at my new place! =D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sometimes having fun all the way is productive!

Hey everyone!! =D
Anyway! college is great as always...
and i'm settling down at my little house =3
everything is going great..
the comments i recieved from
my friends about living alone...
btw the words in the "**" is what i'm replying..
Alex : U can go yam cha at night! *not bad...*
Michelle : PRIVACY PREMIUM! *still don't get what it fully means*
Susan : You can run naked around the house!! *sigh....*
Julian : Night time we go party party? okay? *sorry guys, prefer sleeping...*
Deniece & Josh : Jaga dude... *huh?*
anyway... i'm feelign perfectly fine....
EXCEPT for the fact my math test is coming!! argh!!!
*rolls on the floor*
oh well...
anyway... today!! i've completed my 1st circuit with a word light thinggy..
*sorry forgotten the name of the component*
anyway... just a beief explanation!
it makes words!! =)
and numbers too la....
just 5 wires...=D
To light up 3 lights... ah...
Jie Hao : Hey Guys! wanna do something funny!?
Ben & Hari : what what?
Jie Hao : *whispers whispers*
Ben : =D
Hari : haha! okay no problem!
*after that *
Ben : *runs to the counter to get more supplies*
Hari & Jie Hao : Starts fiddling with the circuit..

it's partially completed here...=3
just as a test module...
we switched it on just to see if the first 2 light up...
and well...

it didn't....


something was just not right....
and furthermore...
there was that burning smell....


Ben : *feels in trouble*

so... i took out a pen and start scribbling formulas!

Ben : *screams!!* guys stop!
Jia Hao & Hari : why?

ps: circuit can explode.... not kidding...

*gosh... the amount of wires*


anyway.. we took about 30 minutes....
or maybe even 45...

till our lecturer was so curious of what we're doing...hahaha

he's so in for a surprise... =D

Believe me... he actually encouraged us to do things like this...

he was like :-

Mr $ : As engineers you all should have the characteristics of wanting to know more!!

Us : okay... =3 *whispers* we're gonna get screwed aren't we?








Yup... guys will be guys....

i'll always find ways to waste my time...=3

Anyway.. i've gotta run people!
going off to class soon!!

Take Care!!
more tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just another Day! =D

Hey everyone!!
Well it's just another day at college...

and yup!!!





Xin caught on camera!!

anyway.. honestly! i love the place i'm living in..
it's very homely =)

and of course less travelling time!! yay! XD

college life is good as always...

AND as always... there's more test on the way!


well it feels weird at first... but well life is always great...
as i always say..
enjoy life to the fullest where ever you are....

anyway i'll better be going late for class now... =/

Take Care Everyone!


Pris and I at the concourse! =D

Monday, June 16, 2008

Advice - Do You Have Trouble Hanging Onto Relationships?

Hey everyone,
this is a questions taken from 16 people!
mostly Females
i did a little survey on 40 people 20 guys 20 girls..
and i manage to come up with this..

I've known people who are very smart, sometimes very kind, they are not drunks or addicts, they are funny, good looking, sometimes even wealthy, and yet somehow they have great difficulty hanging onto a relationship longer than a year. They don't know why, but their loved ones keep leaving them. It hurts particularly when the person they are dating just quits talking to them.

You have to understand that people won't choose to be with you because you have great qualities, or because you are right and can win arguments with them. They will choose to be with you because they feel good to be around you, just as you should feel good to be around them. A relationship where both parties feel better to be around each other are the ones that bring joy to both parties and last.

You must first be certain you choose to date only those persons who will treat you well. Often people who do not treat others well will be very charming in the beginning. This can mislead, so to recognize a person who will treat you poorly one day, look for how they treat others now. What is their general attitude of other people? How did they treat their previous partner? How do they treat their mother, the waitress, their boss? Because if they are treating others poorly, sooner or later that is how they will treat you. Avoid all people who do not treat others well and speak well of most people.

To improve your relationships you should also carefully examine how you are treating your girlfriends or boyfriends. Treating someone well is about more than doing nice things for them. If you are having trouble maintaining relationships, then you would to well to consider if you are listening to what your partner is saying they need in your relationship. Many people discount what their partner is telling them and ignore the warning. But if the partner is not happy they will eventually leave and no amount of arguing or persuasion or gifts will get them to stay.

All your dealings with them must be completely honest. You must avoid saying things that might make them feel badly about themselves. If you said something that hurt them, being forgiven does not mean that statement or hurtful action is erased and forgotten. They must feel good to want to be around you. They must feel they can trust you, that you will respect them, listen to their needs, and care about helping them to be happy.


Anyway don’t forget to send in more of your requests to

And place your send title/topic as “ Blog request : ” followed by your topic! =3

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rotaract's Orphanage Visit Photos!

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

Hey everyone..
If you're having trouble viewing the slide show..
click on full screen =3

I've got the photos for the slides from Sie Hui !!

Go check her blog out!! it's cool !!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day that i'll remember for life...

Hey everyone!!! hahahaha

anyway first of all i've gotta apologise to all of ya....
my post has been kinda slow.. but you all still visit!!!

thanks so much!!
it's a Saturday!!

i can't disagree that it's one of the longest day's of my life!!

it's like... DUDE!!! 17 hours of continuous movement!!

anyway... i woke up at around 5am as usual...

I drove off to my college after having my breakfast..
eggs! yay!

anyway... i was kinda shocked to see the amount of cars on the road at that time of the day...
i was kinda expecting something less and smaller... kinda thing going on? get it?

well.. i reached college grounds around 7am.. where i met up with some Intima
and they were all kinda shocked to see me like that...
=3 as most of them were thinking that i'm going off to Nilai tooo!!


well...i walked around the area looking for something to eat.. =3 ahhh....

after getting a fish burger!! yay!!
finally someone else!!

Shireen appeared..!!

i'm noot alonneeee.....

anyway... after a while... we started the whole practice thing
singing 2 song's that were remixed into one! hahahaha
everyone was soooo... -_-

u know!!


anyway... the very last time we practice...
i was surprised it went well!!!

where we're going u ask!?


yup! it's our first Rotaract Community service visit!

people.. =3
we took our college's van there... and i'm pretty sure....
it was not all fun !!
although i was seated in the better van.. but oh well...
hahaha.... the other van was suffering!! hahaha

anyway... Susie and Sie Hui
whom were seating at the front seat of the van was in a shocked state!!
cause u know... a van doesn't have a long front hood...
so it scared them when the van got really close... =D

anyway... just wanted to tell u readers out there... =3
i didn't take most of the photos at the orphanage.. cause i was too busy playing with kids! and not forgetting i was playing with Sie Hui's camera!!
and also Susie's camera!!
and yes! i'll try to get it posted okay!

so after a whole day of running around.. gosh!
Finally came the time when kids were not chasing after me!
So i took photos!! with my friends! =3

=P ~ Sie Hui =3

Anusha the Professional Serv Director!
Ben : HARH!?!?!
Xin my secretary! yay!
Sarah and the kids!
Susie my vice =3

And well.. as much of fun we wanted to have...
it has all ended after 4 hours!


The constant running around!

and directly after that!!













yan ming... =3

anyway... we arrived back at college finally... ah...

hahaha everyone had a group photo!
and well..

where to next?


hahaha... the look on everyone's face...
a moment that can be treasured...


anyway... time to go back....
*not for me... but everyone else*

so i headed off to the Guard House.. =3

where Nattie... and Susie =3
were waiting for their ride home!

What do we do?

what else!!


Just to express how i really feel....



Ju-Wen! , Sarah! and Susie!

anyway... after the wait when everyone's gone =3

my next plan for the day... =3
dinner out with stephie!!

i was going off to Kota Kemuning..
*is that how we spell it?*

we were at Uncle Yap's place for dinner! =D

Being a really honest person...=3

and as usual... =3 we had fun...
=3 bullying roy a little =3
*giggles away*

oh but what made my day....
just the sight of seeing Stephie =D



I love her so much...

Benjamin : HMMPH!
Stephanie : HMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!! I can see ur nose hair..

Benjamin and Stephanie =3

We might not be perfect... but do u think i care? =3
cause times like these are just so special..

anyway everyone...
i better be heading off....
i'm moving outta my house TOMORROW evening...



don't worry..
i'll be fine...
like i always am..

anyway everyone!
Take Care alright!