Sunday, June 01, 2008

1 Year...=3

hEY Everyone!!
I'm soooo sorry everyone!!
updates are late this week!!

anyway everyone!!
it's my annivarsary with Darling Stephie! =D

and my planning started one month ago! =D

GOSH... anyway... what i plan to give her you ask?

Roses from another country! =3
And something darling stephie has been eyeing on...

Bunny! =D

as i continue from my previous post!

yay i sneaked outta the house at around 7 ?
then i took a slow drive all the way to Stephie's house =3

i reached there around 8am..
and gave her a little wake call! =3

oooooohhhhh! look at the size of those roses! =D

Stephie gave me a hand made photo album!! =D

anyway... darling got ready and we headed off to Pyramid =3
started doing what we do best... walk around in blurness...
and... not forgetting...

EAT!!! =D

ps: sorry can't type much!.. coz the photo says it all....

i still can't believe time flies so fast....

used to remember how we looked like...

my original plans for ouor dinner was a really nice restaurant at Kuala Lumpur area...
i've tried booking it...
but ...
noo nooo....



it was fully book for that same day....

oh well...
darlin stephie didn't really mind about dinner as we head off to Shogun..

I can't help myself thinking back on all the great times we had!
and well...
i guess there'll be more coming up! =3

I love her so much..

anyway everyone...
i've gotta go..

updates coming up..


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