Saturday, June 21, 2008

=3 My day isn't really that quiet.. =D

Hey everyone!!
yay! it's a Saturday morning...
but hey!! let's talk about yesterday! XD

it was a regular college day... i had no class and i went to college late! =X
i was at my new house..
waiting for the contractors to come and fix the phone line... =3
it's better ya know.. =3
so happy i'm gonna get internet there by next week ! =D

anyway.. since it's a Friday... It was just another Rotaract day for me... =3
we had our Board meeting where i kinda blew up a little... for the stress buildup the whole week.. including lots of small reasons... -_- piffy.....

Sorry Board! sigh...
*sit's at a corner*

well.. later after the meeting i headed off to meet up with darlin Stephie! =D

believe me... her plan was

Stephie : Can you take me out shopping for my goods?
Benny : Hmmm? alright... i guess it's fine =3 where to?
Stephie : hmmm why not go to Pyramid okay?
Benny : Okay =)

*drives there*

anyway... as most of u will think
i'll be following her around and getting things like that...
well... it didn't really turn out that way... eek!

it was the opposite....
after walking for just a little while...
we found it being impossible to even find her things! eek!
no books at the book store.. and clothes not really recommended... eek!

so we took a walk in Jusco where it SUDDENLY became my turn to shop...
*yes...yes... you're hearing this from me... a guy.... yes...*

I walked to the interior decorating section where i got my 2 tier shoe rack!
and went down to the stationary area to get a wall clock...
yes yes.. I've just moved in... -_-
so the house is pretty empty... ^_^

hahaha... so that part of my day ended in a really weird way....
*laughs out loudly*

did i mention that Darling Stephie is my lucky charm?
Well... for some weird reason... it's just like... =/ how do i say it..
never mind.. I'll tell u what happen...

we headed off to my college area after getting my things.. =3
we were going to Orientation Night... =D
but i promised some people that I'll be going.. =3

Upon reaching there! hahaha
i got a parking spot right in front of the college!

then orientation night was pretty okay..
okay only....
i repeat okay only....
u know... it's the usual malaysian style... -_-
the "I'm better at stoning" thing... hahhaha
anyway... Stephie and i Left the college after that... =3
and guess what..... hahahah!
we got freebies from puma! =3

well... the day ends after all that excitement! =D

Anyway... if you really wanna know what
happened at orientation night for the first half.. ask me alright!

gotta go people! =3

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