Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Stresss..... ZzZzZzZZ

Hey everyone!!


Most of u SPM leavers havn’t started college and you asked me… how’s it?

Well… one word describes it all!!


BUT ….

If you think of it… it’s actually kinda fun!! Hahaha… well...

In college… I guess you would expect to see students going…

study study study study…… haahaha….

Well… I’ve collected these photos on the mornings that I arrived early!! Hahaha

Well.. I think all of you would

understand why some ppl say that college is very stressfull

and the only way that doesn’t make us spend money to release stress.. is…



Gtg peeps… seeya… =3


Park - Korean Guy~~
Kim ~ lol
Kim's Boyfriend Victor ~ hahaha
Jie Hao nasi lemak guy
chen... another sleepy guy..
Kylie ~ always sleepy kinda person
and.... Andrew!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

INTI College =3 29th March 2008!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

*i'm still here...haha... just alittle behind!*

Sorry everyone...
i'll try to get back to blogging asap...
thanks for visiting tho..
i'm stuck in here
with assignments !!


brb really quick i promise! haha


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saturday Supreme! =D DONUTS!

Hey peeps!

Yesh yesh it was a Saturday! And well.. it was just





Well… we went for a little shopping trip to Midvalley to get some stuff for College…

Such as my Seed Shirt!

I needed a formal shirt for college!...



A laptop Bag..

my laptop bag is a little outta service.. torn in a lot of places… and padding worn out…

Anyway… we walked into seed to try out the shirts that I think looked pretty good…

And it ended up with the decision to get the plain white compared to the goldish one… hahaha

Well everyone.. I have proven that…

when you’re drunk/sleepy/drowsy/blur/colour blind/sick or just plain lazy!



Cause the first time I seen the gold shirt…

I was like

*oh great!… its really nice*

But that was my blur-ness talking!

When I was slightly awake… I was like… 0_0


Anyway… the shirt cost 109!!

BUT i had a discount!

So it was about 98!

Not forgetting a Gold tie which was about 20 only!

Speaking of budget spending! Well.. I spend an estimate of RM280

*falls on the floor and stops moving*


We went to Big Apple to have DONUTS!! Haha!

The sight of the workers squeezing stuffing into the buns make me drool…


Anyway.. wait up for the next post people!



*drool everyone drool*
ahhh... just a total turn on... haha...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Complex Relationships.

Hey everyone!

It’s a Sunday! And well…
Got 3 comments on this topic… so read away..

Relationships are complex ,
but following these basics will help
you make your relationships healthy and strong.

And Basically there are only 3 main factors to know:-




When in doubt, listen first and check to see
if you have understood the other person by asking them questions.
Often relationships go wrong when people feel they aren't being heard
or understood and sometimes it's important just to listen.
You have to know what they want, not what you think is good for them.
Listening is what helps us to find connection with each other.
This also means you need to tell others what you really feel,
think, and want.
You can't feel connected if you don't voice these things.

Communicate simply when it is most critical that they hear you.
Get clear in your own mind what kind of outcome you would like
and try to state it in the most simple and specific terms.
You will more likely be understood the more clear you can be,
and often that means fewer words, not more.
Sometimes repeating is necessary in getting
through to someone what is really important to you.

Always show respect.
Respect means listening,
accepting a no when you are given one,
not taking them for granted,
being honest in your dealings with them,
and not criticizing often or discouraging them.
It is also important that you do not try to control others,
and just as important that you show respect to yourself
and ask that they treat you the same or be willing to walk away.

Know when it isn't a healthy relationship.
Just because you care about someone doesn't mean
you should be in a relationship with them at this time.
They should be good for you, not addicted to anything,
not controlling or abusive in any possible way,
and make you feel secure and happy.

It is not possible to make a relationship work with someone
who doesn't care about you, or who abuses a substance or you, so don't try.
Seek to be good for others and don't tear them down.

People like to be with those who make them feel good
and who are good for them.
Lighten up and have fun together and your relationship will grow.

Hope this little article is helpful.
A relationship doesn’t necessary have to be between couples.
Its also about friendship.


Anyway don’t forget to send in more of your requests to

And place your send title/topic as “ Blog request : ” followed by your topic! =3

Friday, March 21, 2008

=3 the wave goes up n down ...

Hey everyone!!

Well sorry for posting kinda late… wasn’t near the computer for a while..

Anyway it was a Friday...
it was just another college day…
where it was one of my last class with my moral education teacher pn zarina…

*another sine wave... make that a duel sine wave*
*Pn Zarina's Last Day at College!*

she’s been offered a new job with the new Government so..
You know…
who wouldn’t say no to an offer like that?!
Hahaha… well...

College was kinda normal as we sneaked into the engineering lab to print our things…
where we were not supposed to…
and one of those maintenance officers came in and went..


ps: I think we mistakenly locked him in…hahahaha…

Anyway... on Thursday…

Stephie and I hang out for awhile… =3…
We went out for dinner with Jaclyn , Gan and Sandra at Jacks Place =3

Well.. in the car…
We did what we usually do…
play with the camera!!
Hahaha… =3
honesty… I think I really did get a good buy with the phone..

=) =D
=3 =*

=D =D

After ordering my meal… I played with the suggestion card…
Oh… they will be so shocked as I’ve commented on every aspect possible…
speaking of being serious!!

i have even complained about their carpet!

If the manager does read through.. he would go…



Look at all the fooooooood!!

*Shrimp Salad*
with juice =D
Potato soup?
my extra slice of lemon =3
Chicken , beef , and mutton all in one!
Fish and Chips =3
Apple Pie =3


I’m going back there…
no matter what!

anyway that's about it everyone! enjoy the post!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Making Time Pass... =3

1. Music playing at the moment?
~* nope =3

2. How Do you feel now?
~* pretty okay… sleepy but okay…

3. Do u think you're ok?
~* well… yea!! hahaha

4. Ever donated blood?
~* yeap =3

5. What do you really want?
~* hmmm? Physical items? If it is… I guess a laptop bag… =D

6. Accessories you usually wear?
~* just my necklace and ring =3

7. Last song you sang?

~* I’ve forgotten the of their lines is.. I’m a house of cards in a hurricane”

8 . The most boring sport?

~* fishing…..

9. Ever married?
~* =3 nope… not yet.. =D

10. Last TV show u've seen?
~* honestly I don’t remember! hahaha

11. Piercings or tattoo?
~*hmmmm… none.. hahah.. don’t plan to get one…hahaha

12. Do you hate someone at the moment?

~* yup and that some one… really should just be more humane….

13. Been on stage before?
~* Yeap.. =3 a lot of times…

14. Struck by lightning before?
~* hahah nope… electrocuted… plenty!

15. Danced with your loved one before?
~* not really

16. Ever wished you could turn backtime?
~* hahahah not at all !!

17. The most recent thing you’ve bought?
~* hmmm food!!! Xp

18 . Last one to text you?
~* Stephie

19. Do you like animals?
~* depends on what they are… I love my doggy

20 . What will you be doing tomorrow?
~* Holiday!! But its just a day… =/

21 . Ever thought of robbing a bank?
~* hahahahah… yeap… but I doubt that it would even work…

22 . What do u prefer cats or dogs?

~* arrr!!! Dogs!!!

23. Do people like you?
~* *oh please like me*

24 . What was the last music you playedon the computer?
~* don’t remember!! *screams*

25. Have You ever driven before?
~* yes… =3

26 . The color of ur mobile phone?
~* black!

27. Songs that cheer u up..
~* =3 don’t really have any in mind =3

28. What do u wish to happen now?
~* ooo money started raining from the skies..!! and fell in to my pocket!

29. Last thing you did?
~* eggs and ribs =3

30 . I hate
~* people whom just wanna show off…. “plenty in college”

31 . I love
~* Myself! :D Stephie =3, my family and some of my friends!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rough Wednesday! =D

Hey everyone!!!





This post is just a little late on my exciting day!

It’s the 19th March!!

Arrived at school at about 7am! Yup one hour earlier…
I headed to class and fell asleep in the table!!


*I was trying to gather energy for the whole day! Hahaha!*

Ps: you’ll find out later! Hahaha

Well well… the first class of today was EGE 161 Basic Electrical Technology

With our(the class) favourite teacher Mr Aung Min!!

Yup… he’s this really fun
bachelor teacher that loves his job
and goes to the gym daily…
seriously its scary that a teacher like that

has the capability to attack you and furthermore win!!


Started teaching us more on those wave thingy
where I was surprisingly alert! Eek!
I didn’t blink for almost 30 minutes… and when I actually blinked..

I started tearing…

Mr manimaran went “ wei! Benjamin study till he cry"

Hahahaha yup yup.. the laughs that started…

We had a little breakie after class where

I bought 2 pao’s

And just placing them on the plate!
I didn’t know that the way I placed the

pao’s made them look…


Boobies….. =/

Our second class started where

Ms Pawani lectured us about Programming…
and honestly half the time I was there…

I was practically swallowing everything that was written!
While half the class started drifting off topic!
Everyone started to compare old photos on
our driving licence and also our IC photos!

It was AMAZING how a lot of us changed!
When some of them seen my face… they went!
Oh gosh.. total geek back then!

Yup yup I was a total geek.. hahhahaha….
But the funniest so far was Ke Yang!

His old photo made him look like some DAP representative…

Then! :-
Mani : dei ke yang! U look like DAP ppl la!
Ben : hahahahaha
Ke Yang : Fuck You la! *smiles*
Haha… but well.. now he look’s like
some Terrorist… XD!

Well after class we headed off to the
Lecture Hall for our presentation!

That is when I notice that
I could actually still speak tamil!

*and yes.. I do speak tamil*

*just a little*

anyway on the afternoon..

i headed off to my old school! ahahaha


it was me being their coach...

yup yup...

i'm still the coach...


3 years now... =/

*a fat one that is*

well, if most of you seen

joshua's blog you'll understand what i mean !



we were practically getting dirty soaked in mud...

but i'm pretty sure the juniors had fun...hahaha

you could see the
"torture me please"
look in them! hahaha


Anyway… well guys… and girls…

I’m off to my busy day..

take care everyone!!


*last pic matthew ,Bryan and Me*

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


*ruf ruf =3 pat me!*

*ring ring*!

Hey peeps..



Its one really tiring day…
and I’m serious..
when its tiring.. it’s tiring…
hahaha.. =3
well.. I’m now at home…
on the bed…
if you were here…
you might ask :-

he die d arr?

*pokes with a stick*

or maybe

ben? Ben?? *aiya leave him only la*

Well everyone…

I’m actually that tired…

My day started off with me going off to college as my usual routine…
driving kinda slow enjoying the darkness..


there that car goes..
nearly hitting my car and not forgetting honking me in the process…
for some reason…
that same car suddenly slowed down next to my car and got my attention…
it was a “she”on the wheel and she was giving that look like:-

*eh u! yea u! cepat race!!*

In that racing language….

Although the roads were clear, I was totally not in the mode…

they started honking… I was…. -_- “go away..”

that satria

with mine….

so i just drove a little faster then them.. and ended up beating them
i was only driving at 95 km/h

The results.. I beat them flat….

It was fun!

But I swear I will not do it again…

unless if ppl plan to intimidate me…

So, winnings = 14 , looses = 0

I’m feeling proud…


College was exactly like being in a pressure cooker…

2 tests!

And all the other presentations that are waiting….



My first look at the tests.. was like…

I’m soo not prepared for this shit….


And yup..

As I presumed..

I didn’t do so well…

But I guess I will survive… *sings the song*

Anyway I headed home quite early..
say about 3pm?
Feeling tired..
the weather was really shitty…

1st moment.. cold..

next burning hot…

then cold again..

it drives me nuts….


But its fine…

I headed off to my old school to coach the under 15’s


it seems to be good as everyone had fun in the rain.. =3

Anyway I’m feeling miserable now… will update more "bout today" later=3

Take care everyone..


Ps: any funny photos you got?

Funny Pictures : =3

*from this angle it looks like the guy is pissing!*

*are u serious? i went there all i saw was a class filled with ppl and papers!*
*engineering gone wrong* (Sent in by Alex Loo)
*no shoes la... only slippers* (sent in by Murugan)