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Can You Survive After a Break Up?

Can You Survive After a Break Up?

Hey everyone.. well this is a request in my email.

And well I thought of it for awhile just to classify it into an easier way to explain the topic to all of ya.


Surviving after a break-up is tough.

Speaking about relationships,

relationships connect us in this world with each other.

We have many kinds of relationships-parental, sibling,friends, professional and love.

We go through many phases in all these relationships.

Ups and downs are part of our life and our relationships.

Most of us can bear break down in most of the above relationships except those of love.

But have any of you wondered Why?!?

Who will survive a breakdown in love relationship and how?

Confusing isn’t it?

Well okay there was a day where I had a convo with my friend at college. I’ll not tell the name here.. but well lets put the person’s name as “A”

I was speaking to A whom will be breaking up soon.

The statement went something like this were A said :-

I did everything possible to save our relationship.

I gave in a lot, but I could not save.

We will be breaking-up soon.

That has already broken my heart.

This relationship was made brick by brick over so many years.

What we (A and the partner) did not do to make it last?

But alas, we are breaking up.

So I asked A…- how to you propose to go on in life now?

There was no answer except a blank stare.

This happens to most of us while most of you would say

“don’t worry lah it okay wan la”

but is that what you are really answering?

Do you really mean it?

Well everyone.. lets look at the obvious.
The immediate effect of the break-up is pain.

The pain goes away slowly over a number of years

(that is if your feelings are very strong and humane),

but the initial impact is high.

It is the initial period during which you have to toughen yourself up to learn to tolerate the pain.

The second effect is bitterness and blame.

There is always thoughts about the past…

Arguments you had , fights , fun , and about everything that has passed.

This would a large amount of self-talk about how did it end…

These are the kind of things that you should try not to get yourself into..

Get your mind off things.. spend quality time with close friends, go to the amusement park!

Get a new hobby!

This may sound weird but get a new life…. A new lifestyle that is… =3

Do anything in your own will to keep yourself busy always.

But always remember..

A breakup is a process that everyone in the world would feel either good or bad..

Its just that small stepping stone towards that very “one” perfect person for you.

Take Care peeps..


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