Tuesday, March 04, 2008

~ Survey! ~

*this was my brain waves before i started class!*

Hey everyone!!
well i just got bored so i thought why not do a survey! =P

1. Do you like chinese food?
-Yup 100%! =3

2. How big is your bed?
-Big Enough For Myself and Another -Giggles- =3

3. Is your room clean?
-Giggles- Yup!! it "Looks" clean.. wait till you mop it...hahaha! *dust museum*

4. Laptop or Desktop computer?
- hmmm? both? i guess =3

5. Favorite comedian?
- ah! erm erm? hmmm plenty! the famous ones are like Russel Peters

7. Does anyone like you?
- hmmm.. i don't know? go ask around? *begs please like me* (puppy dog eyes) haha

8. Whats the sexiest thing about
Condoleeza Rice?
- she's sexy? huh? *ben drops to the floor and goes into a coma*

*number 9 is missing*

10. Sleep with or without clothes on?
- hahaha.. with... a boxer!!! hahahaha

11. Who sleeps with you every night?

- who? my pillow.. =3

12. Do long distance relationships work?

- yeap.. just as long as you believe =)

13. How many times have you been pulled
over by the police?
- 7 times beat that!!
~ 1 for speeding

~ 3 for being suspicious

~ 1 for being suspected as a drug trafficker

~ 1 for being suspected as an underage driver

~ 1 for speeding when i did not speed!! (was driving at 60km/h)

14. Pancakes or French Toast?


15. Do you like coffee?
- with mocha please =3

16. How do you like your eggs?

- =3 cooked!! hahaha

17. Do you believe in astrology?

- read them for the fun of it.. =3

18. Last person you talked to on the phone?

- stephie =3

19. Last person on your missed call list?

- eek.. dad... reminds me i've gotta call back!

*runs off to the phone*

*after 10 minutes*

20. What was the last text message you received?
- okay, i love you =3

21. McDonalds or Burger King?

- both please? =3

22. Number of pillows?
- 2 =D

23. Last thing you ate?

- hmmmm... almonds! =P

24. Last thing you bought?

- Reload for my touch'n'go card

25. What are you hearing right now?

- The computer's fan swirling.. =3

26. Pick a lyric?

- *woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*

27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?
- arrr? hmmm grape jelly! *runs off to the kitchen*

28. Can you play pool?

- Yeah , and i play better when i'm totally blur.

29. Do you know how to swim?
- yeap!! =3

30. Favorite ice cream?

- chocolate *drooling* and also rummy rasin *double drools*

31. Do you like maps?

- hahaha who in the world like maps? hahaha... well maybe some ppl do.. *weird*

32. Tell me a random fact:

- I only post 2% of the pictures taken on my blog =3

33. Ever had a hard on at work?

- ? what.. isn't that a sexual question? *whistle*

34. Ever attend a theme party?
- yeap , it was italian...

35. Ever do a keg stand?
- hahaha nope.. its insane!

36. Craziest place you've slept after a
night of drinking?
- hahaha speaking of crazy.. my room's floor...hahahaha.... it was ages ago...hahahaha

37. What is your favorite season?

- Winter! more reason's for stephie to give hugs! hahaha =3

38. What is the first music video you
ever saw?
- erm erm... i don't remember..

39. Pick a movie quote:
- dude, where's my car?

40. Favorite quote:
- Sometimes Believing is all You Got..

41. What is your favorite hangout?
- anywhere =3

42. Best friend's name?
- a lot of close friends =3

43. How long have you known them?
- urhhhh... primary & secondary school =)

44. Last time you laughed at something
- today on the way back from college a guy laughed till he cried... then i started laughing too..hahaha!

45. What time did you wake up this morning?

- 5 am

46. Wake up next to anyone?
- nope.. but i wish i could..-giggles-

47. Best thing about winter?
- snow , cool breeze and hugs!!!

48. Name a couple of favorite colors:

- everything is fine with me!

49. How old are you?

- 17 going 18 !

50. What month is your birthday in?

- March =3

51. Do you think pirates are cool or
- ? no comment...

52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if
you have one?)
- who's dave matthew?

53. What are you doing this weekend?

- study!!!! test!!

*this is my brain waves after class..*

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