Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday *smiles*

*me after my morning shower*

Hey everyone!!

It’s a fine Monday morning!!!



I woke up at about 4.30!!

I was like…

*ps : I was talking to myself again*

Ben’s thoughts : why in the hell am I awake now…

Ben’s thoughts 2 : oh well no electric la….

Ben’s thoughts : hmmm sleep again?

Ben’s thoughts 2 : hmmm okay.. 30 minutes only…

*rolls around the bed*

*finally sleeps!*

*after 5 minutes*


Ben’s thoughts 2 : damn.. shouldn’t have sleep…

Ben’s thoughts : your fault la…

So… I used every single bit of energy in my body

Just to get myself outta bed…

And by the time I got down I was still half a sleep!!


*moral group assignment picture ~ from left : me , wendy ,Ke Yang , Kai Hoa, Yee Lin , Yong Wee , Jia Hao , Mani , and Eric*

Oh well..

Look at it this way…

There’s always a key solution!


*slums slowly to the bathroom*




cold water…. 0_0

Hahahaha if there were camera’s around me..

I bet you would all laugh till I might need to get the doctors!

*coz i ran outta the bathroom right away!*

Anyway.. I made my way off to college

stopping by the gas station to fill up my tank

and headed to my usual parking spot in subang.. =3

*it was 6.50 then*

Early isn’t it..

Well.. I love the clear empty roads.. hahaha =3

Anyway …

At around 8am..

my real day started… just another college day…..

it started off with me staring at a squeaky keyboard…

and the packed screen filled with things I wish I understood…


*sorry it's a little faded.. but that's what i'm studying*

wendy met me at the pc lab and we started studying for the test later…

for some reason.. I’ve got no idea why

I’m not really shocked that it’s an exam!

Arrrr! CSC 167


oh well…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*lets fast forward*

*Andrew talking about the advertisements on the table!*

Hahah the test ended… and its becoming weird how I seem to complete test the quickest in the class again and again… it makes me wonder.. did I do any mistakes?


Math class with Ms Jas…

She just had to give us bad news….

News 1 : your previous test results were terrible!!!

oh the heart pain.....

News 2 : everyone has to retake the test!!

arrrgh!! heart attack!!!



*math questions*
*that's how i look when i heard the news*

*Andrew Lin and Kimberley ~ he's actually squeezing her hand.. but it ain't working poor feller* hahaha

Its like 3 weeks already for constant tests… and I’ve still have 2 uncompleted assignments!!!

Finally… I headed home in my car which was covered in

leaves , flyers , dust , and not forgetting poop!

I told myself I shall wash my car today..

from top to bottom!!

*ahhh look at the shine on that!*

As it was a really hot and sunny day! Yay!! It just might be my lucky day!!! =3



*faints* I spoke too soon…*

Anyway everyone…

Stay tuned for my next post! =3

-BeN- outta here..

*ahhh... Carl's Jr**tommy ~ maybe the last time seeing him b4 he goes off to ns...*

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