Friday, May 31, 2013

The Coffee Addiction

I'm bored... woke up at 4 am and did a research on Coffee... :)

My conclusion after 2 hours...
Coffee obviously has caffeine which is pretty much a drug because it has the similar withdrawal symptoms as most drugs.

Yes it would suppress certain neural functions of the brain causing you to ignore sleep etc etc etc 

but during the duration of withdrawal, the body would be subjected to conditions such as 

anger, misjudgment , fatigue , lethargy , constipation , depression , muscle stiffness, and irritability (due to hyper sensitivity.)

So basically we become the sissy-fied version of the hulk that can't smash stuff..

A continued intake of this substance would profoundly alter the body's reliance on regular minerals to be dependable on caffeine on the long term therefore weakening the body's natural defense mechanism and increasing your chances of getting major illness/diseases.

well have a good morning everyone... and try starting your day with an apple, it works about the same... I'm gonna go get my self a cuppa coffee.. :)