Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Survey... hahahaha =3

Hey everyone .. again!
well not much of time to update!!

too busy with college... but i'll eventually type something in.. =3
well btw!
ppl! slow down with the comments! too many are coming in! hahahaha..
i'll post the topic when i get enough info!

take care!


1. Where were you 3 hours ago?

~* running on the field with my juniors.. =3

2 . Who are you in love with?
~* Stephanie =3

3 . Have you ever eaten a crayon?
~* -giggles- licked it once! ahahaha!!

4. Is there anything pink within 10
feet of you?
~* little foldded origami =3

5. When is the last time you went
to the mall?
~* erm.... quite awhile...

6 . Are you wearing socks right now?
~* nopeee~

7. Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
~* hmmm... yea..

9 . Have you been to the movies in the
last 5 days?
~* hahaha nope... tv at stephs!! =P

11 . What are you wearing right now?
~* boxers...

12 . Do you wash your car or let
the car wash do it?
~* hahaha... see la if i've gotta mode...

13. Last food that you ate?
~* sausages and eggs.. =3

14 . Where were you last week at this
~* uh? uh? uh? help!! i've got terrible memory!? it was thaipusam! arr...arr... Sunway Pyramid!

15. You bought any clothing items in
the last week?
~* hmmm... nope..

16 . When is the last time you ran?
~* hahaha earlier while training my juniors..

17. What's the last sporting event you
~* erm... football? that was like months!

18 . What is your favorite animal?
~* unlucky lucky! =3 haha

19. Your dream vacation?
~* something that has snow/beach/money/nice bed/5star hotel?

20 Last person's house you were in?
~* erm... other than my own? hmmm...
stephie? i guess..

21. Worst injury you've ever had?
~* getting bitten..

22 . Have you been in love?
~* i am now in love.. =3

23. Do you miss anyone right now?
~* yup... Stephie... and my parents!! mom!! dad!! i'm hungry!! waaaa!

24. Last play you saw?
~* nvr watched one before... -giggles-

25. What is your secret weapon to lure
in the opposite sex?
~* don't have any...

26. What are your plans for tonight?
~* sleep~ zzz!

27. Who is the last person you sent a
Frendster message or comment?
~* Jia Chyi ~ message..

28. Next trip you are going to take?
~* am i not already on a trip! eek!

29. Ever go to camp?
~* hmmm? maybeee... hahahaha... yea...

30. Were you an honor roll student in
~* honor role student? well.. can't say anything about it..

31 . What do you want to know
about the future?
~* i don't wanna know anything! don't wanna spoil the surprise..

32 . Are you wearing any perfume or
~* nope

33 . Are you due sometime this year for
a doctor's visit?
~* nopppppeeeee~!

34. Where is your best friend?
~* hahahah! he's working!!! hahahaha he's my closie..

35 . Who is your best friend?(s)
~* I'm talking about tom.. well he is still my close friend...hahaha

37 . What are you listening to right
~* the fan spinning..hahahaha

38 . Do you collect anything?
~* money!!!! yay!!! i don't mind u helping me with my collection

39. Who is the biggest gossiper you
~* donno....

40. Last time you got stopped by a cop
or pulled over?
~* yea... bastards! u hear that! B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S! HAHAHA.. u need money just ask la... haih... don't stop me 4 no reason! and ask "boss nak bayar tak" bribe takers...hahaha!

41 . Have you ever drank your soda from
a straw?
~* yea?!

42. What does your last text message
~* i've not eaten bah kut teh in a long time!!

43. Do you like hot sauce?
~* -laughs- yes!! definetly!!

44. Last time you took a shower?
~* 1 hour ago..hahaha

45 . Do you need to do laundry?
~* yeap//... -_-..

47. Are you someone's best friend?
~* donno... hahahaha... i hope...

48. Are you rich?
~* nope~ not poor either..

49. What were you doing at 12AM last
~* ZzZzZzZzZzZz

50. Who was the last person to call
~* MaNiMaRaN!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you know about what kind of dating partner are you looking for?

Hey everyone!
well this has been a request by about 60 people in total whom asked me to type about it.
so hope all of you are fine with it.
if you need explanation of if you have the feeling of commenting on the post please do.
and keep on sending those requests.
i'll attend to them as much as i can.


Do you know about what kind of dating partner are you looking for?

Have you broadly specified the qualities that you are looking for in your dating partner?
If not it is time you do that.
Otherwise, you will never get satisfied with any dating partner.
If you yourself do not know what you are looking for,

how will you succeed?

Unfortunately, when we look for to buy anything,
we try to find out what we are looking for.
But when it comes to a dating partner,
many of us have no clue about what kind of person will satisfy them.

Let us look at some qualities that may specify your partner...

Physical -
Are you looking for a great specimen?
A smashing looker?
Will you be happy, even if the other person is lacking in intelligence but has a great body?
Or you need more intelligence and an Ok, body?
Are you prepared to compromise on looks if your partner is otherwise good,
or good looks are a must?
Please think hard and decide.

Emotional -
What should be the emotional makeup of your partner?
Will you be emotionally satisfied only if you find a caring partner?
Or you need someone for who you will care?
Should your partner have his/her emotions ruling over the head?
Are you looking for a very compassionate person or someone very tough and emotionally strong?
Someone who begins crying looking at a miserable scene or one who will say - this is what life is and walk away? Emotions rule every facet of our life.
We must know our emotional make up and also know about the emotions we desire in our partner.
Please prepare a long list of questions about emotions you desire your partner to have in plenty and try to find out before you proceed further.
If your partner is short tempered and if you hate anger, you will never love him/her.
Am I correct? Please define your priorities.

Intellectual -
Will anyone with normal intellect satisfy you,
or you need someone who can write volumes on any given subject.
What is your intellectual level and what kind of partner are you seeking in this area?
Please decide very carefully about this.
This quality is many times responsible for destroying relationships.
Sometimes, people of average intellect manage to attract some one of very high intellect and then suffer from this complex all through their life.

Goals -
What are your values in life?
What are your goals about money, children, family life and other areas?
If your partner has different values and life goals, it will be destruction right from day one.


In the end, it all comes down to the feeling inside us all,
the true feeling of being loved and able to give love.
The values above are just a logical part of view of everyone's need and/or greed towards finding that perfect partner.
but in the end ,think of it,sometimes unlike poles attract , just like magnets.

If we know what we are looking for,
we present ourselves as thinking individuals who know their minds to any partner.
You will be respected for that and will surely find the one that you desire.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

College Life...

Hey everyone!

Well college life has begun…

Believe me…

our college started the lectures the earliest among all the other colleges 2nd of January…

(orientation was on the 27? I think)

and well to most of ya…

I joined Inti College….

Don’t ask why… its just because I did so with several reasons…haha



I’ve applied my application to college on the 8th of December… and since that day I was not one single day free… with preparations and getting information was practically on a daily basis.. I rarely had the time to tell go out much…

Anyway… some of u out there have been asking what college I’m going to?

Sorry for not telling… there’s a reason for it…=3

I don’t want to effect ya all in your decision making… and I’m serious..

Its better to follow what YOU want rather than getting influenced in to studying something u don’t want..

Well.. thanks for the many email comments I received…

And about college… I’ve met new friends here… and believe me… I thought it was almost impossible to find good ones here… my usual hang out group is kinda funny… its usually me , Jie Hao (Jay chou) , Wendy , Iggy 1, Iggy 2 (they both have the same unique names) , and Lee Yin…

And well the funniest thing I have in common with Jie Hao is we are usually finding places to fall asleep.. like recently the library…hahaha!!

*STOP!* pause..

Well since I’ve not been online for a very long time.. as in really long time… this week I was searching to pass my tickets to orientation night concert… got a few in the list but before I asked.. Something turned me off to pass it to them…. So oh well…

Anyway its really late now… got to study tomorrow morning IT’S A FREAKING SUNDAY! AND I’VE GOT HOMEWORK! ARRR!

Thanks for the comments guys and girls… and well I’ll hope to post all of your request like one of them is the one on my next post… enjoy!

Take Care


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sipnosis.. 2007... =3

Hey everyone…

2007 has ended!

And well….

To me…

It had brought the best of memories I’ve ever had.. =3

Things come and go… but look at it this way…

It has made a difference in the life I once had..

The year didn’t start off as I planned it would be…

Extra work..

More stress…

And not forgetting all the hardships I had to face….

But its life…

and I promised myself I would work hard to complete the goals that I would set forth.. =3

Looking at the bright side of life…

My friends were great as usual… well..

Most of them..haha


Pradeep , Hari (DeViL bOy) and Hafeez
Pravin in jail..
My Birthday =3

Class Picture where moohan stood out!
yea! great times!
i lost... eek....
goh giving tom blessing!


The groups in my class were as great as anyone could have been..


And the organizations that I was in ,

made me a strong leader that I once hoped to be…

All came true..

The great memories that live inside me…

Just like... :~


~~~~Me giving my final speech as the clubs president…

Us hanging out...hahaha

The 1st time i could actually dance!

Vicky the new President of the club after i stepped down..

times of our lives!

~~~~~Me hearing that my team lost to the best team in the district

~~~~Me giving what I’ve got in my school’s

These are the kind of memories that would never fade…

Having lots of fun through the school days I’ve been in…

It just made me realize that I’ve grown up to new heights…

That I’m no small kid no more….

*ps: still a kid in heart that will never leave*

Valentines day…

was the quietest day for me…

going out after school off to the shopping centre to get some things for my school

and my projects that were ahead…

made me feel lonely…

imagine …

~~~~walking alone to the bus stop…

~~~~sitting alone…

~~~~walking around..

~~~~All Alone…..

But I thought oh well…

At least a lot of people were having the time of their lives.. =3

The 10th of March! =3

I was all confused in my room under the blanket…

And I turned to watch my pc..

logging on to friendster.. =3

And started viewing friends profile… for anything new…

Clicks after clicks…

I came to my buddies page.. Roy.. =3

He had a really funny profile with all his pictures that made me go


‘he acts!?’


And I stumbled upon a profile that seemed really nice ! (honestly)

As the clicking goes on… while viewing the photos… I went..

Ben’s mind : hey… wait a second… this place looks like… hmmm.. nah…

*checks pc for old photos*

Ben’s mind : HEY! That’s the same island at the back!

Ben’s mind : I’ve gotta confirm it.. =3

So I commented…


BeNjAmIn - posted - 3/10/2007

isn't that pulau redang? izzit?


And she actually replied!

-StEpHaNiE- yeap. tat 2nd pic was taken in redang island. =)


I was happy that she replied… I didn’t know anyone would reply me… especially comments!

From that day onwards.. we started chatting constantly….

And it kept going.. and going….

Believe me…

For 3 months…

All we did was chat… =3

And it actually took me that long to spit out that question…

on the very 1st day we met…

Ooooh! The Butterflies!

The 1st of June…


It all fell into place…

Everyone… meet Stephanie =3

Its like from that day was kinda of a huge turning point in my life…

Everything started being better…

Enjoyable… school seem much more fun.. especially with a the mischief I was into..

(ps: seriously watch the video with the tap!)


And my friends were still in the confused mode

“What’s up with ben”


Exams were coming closer but I took it easy…

with my trial results being surprisingly good! =3

Believe me I was shocked myself…



The days passed… till… SPM was over…


And there was a day where I sat down with a cup of hot latte.. –giggles-

And that’s where I made my little review =3

I became more open…

More simple…

More energetic…

Much more Vain!


And well…

I fell deeply in love.. =3

All these crazy things happened on this wonderful year…

And I doubt it would ever fade away…


I hope everyone had a great new year night where ever you are… whom ever you’re with… I’m sure I did….

Seeya 2007!

Benjamin Tan