Thursday, February 28, 2008

~Kite Flying~

*Sandra Flying the Kite*

Hey guys =3 and gurls of coz….
=3 well well well…

it was the 24 of February…

and I took this weekend to go bugg Stephie.. =3

Well it has almost been like 5-6 months hmmm..

maybe even more since steph started

pestering me about going kite flying so…


Yay!! Anyway…

we (and Sandra! =3) headed off to

Mahkota Cheras Garden =D

I was kinda nervous as the last time that

I flown a kite was ages ago….

Wanna know an estimate of ages…

Hahaha put it this way..

1 year before my brother left for Australia that was

almost 12 years ago!!!!

Okay okay… make that 13 years ago….


When we reached there…

it was perfect!!!

I’m serious!! The sun was out…

there were a lot of clouds and not forgetting the nice cool breeze... =3

This is what an expert kite flyer would call

“d perfect day”

Stephie and Sandra took me to the spot

where an aunty put up a stall selling kites.. =3
I started laughing when I saw the type of kites they had…
Some had little cartoons and they were amazingly funny…

oh well…

but anyway lets not loose focus here.....

We bought a plain multi coloured one… =3

I was praying it won’t burn my pocket…
But when the aunty said “fifffff”
I was like eeeeeeekkkkkk *screaming inside*
She ended with “teen” (15)

And I was like ahhhhhhh…..

*faints in excitement*

while Sandra took over the kite ,

Darlin stephie and I fed fish at the pond nearby

(btw I got this thing for feeding fish)

hahaha =3

anyway… I’ve gotta go now… in the moods of studying… =D

Take Care People…

Look forward to my next post!



*last picture ~ me acting like a fish*

Monday, February 18, 2008

College Life 101

*arrrr!! ... yup that was how i was on that day...*


Hey everyone! well.. yup yup... college life is just exactly like school... with extra food!



but on this one particular day... it ain't common...

The Day Started for me just like every other day....

for me... it started with 4 hours...

*click click click click*

4 hours in the boring IT LAB...

Well the only thought that came to my mind was...
*Ben's thoughts* oh well... yawn......

hmmm.. i guess that's about it...hahaha..

Continuing on with todays story....

Ben : *in a really weird tone* today on college life 101…

We will be studying a chapter on


*students armed with their cameras*

Yes yes… I’m not kidding everyone… there was a bomb threat…

But as usual…

we’re in Malaysia.. and it’s a political hoax…

I was at math class… with our “wonderful” math lecturer went…

Ms Jas: the sum of this will equal this and this should differentiate this to obtain and with this to minus with alpha to get this ….

And the crowd went… *Yawn*….


It was a really boring day and I was kinda sleepy…

Ps: the term “kinda sleepy” means already asleep….


Anyway…. Lets not run off the topic…

Yes yes… bomb threat…*screams*

Ben : *hears a weird sound* miss… I think there’s something going wrong…

Ms jas : *ignores ben*

After 3 minutes…

Ben : ms… I’m being serious here… not drunk nor high… somethings wrong….

*kai huoa (the class lazy guy) slums outside and slums back in slowly*

Kai Huoa : miss… arr.. the skul is empty la….ade alam la

Ms jas : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Class : *takes our sweet time walking down*

*fat policeman*

At the bottom…

The man with the megaphone : Why are you walking! Your life is in danger!

(The whole class laughed)

Our lecturer ms jas was lectured by our Head-of-department (HOD)

HOD : why did u tell the students to bring their bags!!!

Ms jas : look at it this way.. if there was a bomb explosion.. we would be able to save your time to identify the bodies…!!!!



Anyway… it was a fake… the whole day…..

Just a total turn off…

But look at the bright side!!



Take Care Guys!


*malaysian police should seriously get fit... not fat...hahahaha*

*police officer holding a gun with a packet of chipsmore hidden in his jacket!*
*The Crowd Gathered as the police did the same... so much for a bomb threat*
*police after the mamak stall... i'm serious..*

*Firemen joined in for the movies! one smiling there*

*HuH!?! Wait a second!? police force with no bomb suit or devices... only armed with a stick with an attached clipper in front.. *

Thursday, February 14, 2008

HaPpY VaLeNtInEs dAy 08'

Hey everyone!!
Well it was valentines day..
And I took my time to spend my day after college with Stephie =3

What I found weird on that day was the amount of ppl running around to get things for their valentines.. and it is kinda nice to see flowers everywhere!! As in EVERYWHERE!!!

WARNING : Flowers On Valentines Day are Hot so keep them SAFE!!



Yes……yes…… amazingly someone stole the bouquet….

Anyway… as I am always prepared… (well most of the time that is..)
I’ve already got darling Stephie a gift ready!

It’s a black box of candies!

And well.. to steph… I guess she said

It’s ben just attempting to make me fat”


While Stephanie made me a scrapbook entitled

“101 Reason’s Why I Love You”

=3 really nice isn’t it..

We decided to head off to jusco to get a box to put the book in! =3

(little yellow bear.... DIES....)

(stephie being strapped on)

We wore a couple tee.. which drew quite a lot of attention! Eek!
If it was friendster profile view.. I think we would have an estimate of.. 200 views!? (*i'm serious)

(Stephie and I in our couple tee)


Anyway hope you all enjoyed the post… there’ll be more coming!!

Take Care everyone…


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Updates on the way!! =3

*Yes i'm still alive...*

Hey everyone!!

I’m terribly sorry for posting late!!

i'm at my college's lab and i manage to get a little time off to type!!

This is cause I’m packed with assignments!!

5 to be exact!




But anyway…

Here are the topics coming up! Okay!

1) Valentines Day

2) Life at my college

3) Kite Flying!

4) The Thrills! (SPM) !

So heads up ppl! Updates on the way!!!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Jack's Place

Hey everyone.. well..

Valentines is coming nearer! But hey!

Who said you are not allowed to have romantic times without an occasion?

Well darling stephie and I went to Jack’s place,

You know? That restaurant own by a Singaporean franchise?

And well.. its cause she said it was really good..

And because I was curious as always.. haha…

The outcome :-



Pizza’s great! =3

Here are some photos as usual =3

=* =*
Sleepy me and confused stephie
smile.... =3
Benji : =*
Stephie : =*
Ben : =3
Stephie : Cheese!
The name says it all... =3
Unique wild mushroom Soup =P =3
pizza at jacks place! really cheesy =3
Baseball Cap - Cotton Candy ice cream! =3
Benji : hmmmm..... d-_-b


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Yup yup yup!!!
the title says it all
happy chinese new year everyone! =3
i've been trying to upload the pictures and stuff..
but the connection is terrible! anyway here's just some photos on CNY this year..
but compared to last year... well...
new clothes doubled! XD
stocks fell... (waaaa... ang pao)
and it is really quiet..
really quiet..hahaha
anyway.. enjoy the photos.. =3

Reunion dinner.. =3 just a small gathering with my aunt.. =3
doesen't it look like an evil mcdonald figure! haha (ignatius goh's house)
i'm growing my little rock again! =3

The little puppy begging... hahaha
=3 me and my fuzzy looks
hammie hiding on the roof.. =3
Oh the colour says it all!!! yay!!
Josh : don't take my beer ben!!
*smacks ben with a bat!*
Mochi : Ben stop waking me up for photos!!!
just say.. 1/16 of my family members... and yes.. its that big...
My cousin's dog =3 ( its a poodle! )

Yup yup yup!!!
the title says it all
happy chinese new year everyone! =3
i've been trying to upload the pictures and stuff..
but the connection is terrible! anyway here's just some photos on CNY this year..
but compared to last year... well...
stocks fell... (waaaa... ang pao)
and it is really quiet.. really quiet..hahaha
anyway.. enjoy the photos.. =3