Thursday, February 28, 2008

~Kite Flying~

*Sandra Flying the Kite*

Hey guys =3 and gurls of coz….
=3 well well well…

it was the 24 of February…

and I took this weekend to go bugg Stephie.. =3

Well it has almost been like 5-6 months hmmm..

maybe even more since steph started

pestering me about going kite flying so…


Yay!! Anyway…

we (and Sandra! =3) headed off to

Mahkota Cheras Garden =D

I was kinda nervous as the last time that

I flown a kite was ages ago….

Wanna know an estimate of ages…

Hahaha put it this way..

1 year before my brother left for Australia that was

almost 12 years ago!!!!

Okay okay… make that 13 years ago….


When we reached there…

it was perfect!!!

I’m serious!! The sun was out…

there were a lot of clouds and not forgetting the nice cool breeze... =3

This is what an expert kite flyer would call

“d perfect day”

Stephie and Sandra took me to the spot

where an aunty put up a stall selling kites.. =3
I started laughing when I saw the type of kites they had…
Some had little cartoons and they were amazingly funny…

oh well…

but anyway lets not loose focus here.....

We bought a plain multi coloured one… =3

I was praying it won’t burn my pocket…
But when the aunty said “fifffff”
I was like eeeeeeekkkkkk *screaming inside*
She ended with “teen” (15)

And I was like ahhhhhhh…..

*faints in excitement*

while Sandra took over the kite ,

Darlin stephie and I fed fish at the pond nearby

(btw I got this thing for feeding fish)

hahaha =3

anyway… I’ve gotta go now… in the moods of studying… =D

Take Care People…

Look forward to my next post!



*last picture ~ me acting like a fish*

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