Monday, February 11, 2008

Jack's Place

Hey everyone.. well..

Valentines is coming nearer! But hey!

Who said you are not allowed to have romantic times without an occasion?

Well darling stephie and I went to Jack’s place,

You know? That restaurant own by a Singaporean franchise?

And well.. its cause she said it was really good..

And because I was curious as always.. haha…

The outcome :-



Pizza’s great! =3

Here are some photos as usual =3

=* =*
Sleepy me and confused stephie
smile.... =3
Benji : =*
Stephie : =*
Ben : =3
Stephie : Cheese!
The name says it all... =3
Unique wild mushroom Soup =P =3
pizza at jacks place! really cheesy =3
Baseball Cap - Cotton Candy ice cream! =3
Benji : hmmmm..... d-_-b


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