Tuesday, March 18, 2008


*ruf ruf =3 pat me!*

*ring ring*!

Hey peeps..



Its one really tiring day…
and I’m serious..
when its tiring.. it’s tiring…
hahaha.. =3
well.. I’m now at home…
on the bed…
if you were here…
you might ask :-

he die d arr?

*pokes with a stick*

or maybe

ben? Ben?? *aiya leave him only la*

Well everyone…

I’m actually that tired…

My day started off with me going off to college as my usual routine…
driving kinda slow enjoying the darkness..


there that car goes..
nearly hitting my car and not forgetting honking me in the process…
for some reason…
that same car suddenly slowed down next to my car and got my attention…
it was a “she”on the wheel and she was giving that look like:-

*eh u! yea u! cepat race!!*

In that racing language….

Although the roads were clear, I was totally not in the mode…

they started honking… I was…. -_- “go away..”

that satria

with mine….

so i just drove a little faster then them.. and ended up beating them
i was only driving at 95 km/h

The results.. I beat them flat….

It was fun!

But I swear I will not do it again…

unless if ppl plan to intimidate me…

So, winnings = 14 , looses = 0

I’m feeling proud…


College was exactly like being in a pressure cooker…

2 tests!

And all the other presentations that are waiting….



My first look at the tests.. was like…

I’m soo not prepared for this shit….


And yup..

As I presumed..

I didn’t do so well…

But I guess I will survive… *sings the song*

Anyway I headed home quite early..
say about 3pm?
Feeling tired..
the weather was really shitty…

1st moment.. cold..

next burning hot…

then cold again..

it drives me nuts….


But its fine…

I headed off to my old school to coach the under 15’s


it seems to be good as everyone had fun in the rain.. =3

Anyway I’m feeling miserable now… will update more "bout today" later=3

Take care everyone..


Ps: any funny photos you got?

Funny Pictures : =3

*from this angle it looks like the guy is pissing!*

*are u serious? i went there all i saw was a class filled with ppl and papers!*
*engineering gone wrong* (Sent in by Alex Loo)
*no shoes la... only slippers* (sent in by Murugan)

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