Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Results are out... =/

Tensions are hot….

Ppl tearing….
The crowd goes silent….
That was the feeling’s that thundered in my wonderful ex school….hahahahahahaha

Yeap ppl..
It was result collection day!

I arrived at school a little early… about 15 minutes to be exact…
Met up with a lot of friends…
And well that cameras started clicking and stuff…

And imagine.. only 4 months passed only…

One of my friend dressed up like a chinaman… and one even came looking all dark and gloomy (gothic!)

Well at 10.30 our teachers walked down the stairs on their hands held stacks of paper…
Where only one little slip from them ever matter…

It was like those movies where the enemy makes their entrance!

It reminds me! Star Wars!

Darth Vader theme x 2

Well everyone became pale.. and some just went all red..

By the moment

the techers sat at their respective tables!

The students charged into them with sounds like




“10 A1’s for me please”

Well those comments…. Didn’t last for long tho….

For me…
Tears came down… like rain….
Inside that is…

I knew I could do much better like my trials… but oh well…
I’m still satisfied…

Hope all of you out there would be too..

Enjoy life everyone!


Ps: ask me if u wanna know my results =3

*William , Me , Marcus & Ken*

i know... i know... i've put on weight! hahahaha...

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