Sunday, March 16, 2008

Are You A Good Date?

Hey guys!!
well i received a question from a guy whom only wanted to be known as ~wisdom12~
The question seemed kinda fun..
so i
thought why not give it a try.

Dating is both an art as well as science.

One who wants to date successfully must have some art of dating
and be prepared to perfect the science.
While you're reading through do quiz yourself if you are a good date?

Quiz your manners
The first stop will be manners.
Perfect manners are a must for a perfect date.
You may show your wild side afterwards.
In the beginning of the dating your partner must notice your impeccable manners.
The way you sit, walk, laugh, wear clothes and carry yourself
are very important to make a positive impression.

Quiz your personality

How does your personality reflect on others?
Ask few friends and find out their hones t opinion.
What impact are you making?
Do you come out as an intelligent person?
Do you look like a smart person?
Do you have the personality of a blunt person,
or the personality of a weak person? Both are highly undesirable.
Your personality must show you as an intelligent and caring person,
who is well read, likes sports and has opinions of their own.

Quiz your conversation

How do you converse?
Perfect the science of talking and listening.
When somebody speaks,
do they get the impression that you are paying full attention?
When you talk do you sound like a knowledgeable person?
Do you have the habit of interrupting others when they talk?
How is your voice? Does that sound very loud?
Do others have to strain themselves to hear you?
You should talk in a volume that is just sufficient for the
listener too understand what you are speaking.
Always Remember! Watch the topic you're in!

Quiz yourself on these basics of a
winning personality and find out how you score.
Wherever you find that correction is needed,
correct and get ready for success dating.


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thanks for the advice..
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