Thursday, March 13, 2008

~ My Little Trip To Genting =3 ~

Hey guys & girls =3

Well.. this post is about my little trip to genting ! =D

Lets start! Woohooo…


It was a Friday… I was in college wondering about the trip that would take place later in the day.. J

It was an extremely exciting as on that very day..

Just a little summary of what had occurred !

- mom’s car broke down

- I misplaced my money

- It was maybe the 1st time I was lost about what’s going on in the class lab

- I went for lunch with dad!

Well after class at college…

I took a quick drive down to meet steph up at her house =3

And well.. I was honestly really tired… and for the time that I was there in her house I practically spent most of my time completing some assignments…

Oh well.. lets fast-forward a little to where we start about the journey to genting..hahaha

We got into stephie’s brother in-law’s car and drove alittle while… after passing leisure mall…

I went into a deep coma…. As in.. dead sleep for 3 hours!! Hahaha

And yes… yes…

I found out from stephie that I was like a really fat pig… u know.. just snoring all the way…

ahahahaha =3

Go to Stephie’s blog to hear her part of the story!

-giggles- hahaha!

its much more funnier as I don’t remember anything!!! (sleeping throught the whole journey)

I finally woke up after the total destruction of the highways



Believe me… everyone went through stress and suffering

and I woke up like 2 minutes before the end of the traffic jam!


Stephie then told me that I slept through a 3 hour jam!

I went 0_0 *serious?*

Anyway Gan (stephie’s bro in-law) started releasing his stress about the road and sped up all the way into the mountains!

We stopped at Gotong Jaya to have supper… it was say.. 12 am?

Gan was looking all pissed and in pressure when we exit the car..

But after having

a packet of nasi lemak,

a teh tarik

and 2 set of roti bakar..

He was smiling like a child again!


Anyway genting was really great… =3

and as usual we took lots and lots of photos! Hahaha

Take care everyone!


*bacon ben*
* XP *
*It's Falling*
*Stephie and her dad*
The bag was replacing me *sobs*
*the garden*
*stephie : sayang's benji*
cheese =3 mmm =3 yummy
white effect =3
scary smiles =D

strawberry =3*plop*
*kish kish*
fishy =3 hahaha!
our happy smiles =)

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