Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sometimes having fun all the way is productive!

Hey everyone!! =D
Anyway! college is great as always...
and i'm settling down at my little house =3
everything is going great..
the comments i recieved from
my friends about living alone...
btw the words in the "**" is what i'm replying..
Alex : U can go yam cha at night! *not bad...*
Michelle : PRIVACY PREMIUM! *still don't get what it fully means*
Susan : You can run naked around the house!! *sigh....*
Julian : Night time we go party party? okay? *sorry guys, prefer sleeping...*
Deniece & Josh : Jaga dude... *huh?*
anyway... i'm feelign perfectly fine....
EXCEPT for the fact my math test is coming!! argh!!!
*rolls on the floor*
oh well...
anyway... today!! i've completed my 1st circuit with a word light thinggy..
*sorry forgotten the name of the component*
anyway... just a beief explanation!
it makes words!! =)
and numbers too la....
just 5 wires...=D
To light up 3 lights... ah...
Jie Hao : Hey Guys! wanna do something funny!?
Ben & Hari : what what?
Jie Hao : *whispers whispers*
Ben : =D
Hari : haha! okay no problem!
*after that *
Ben : *runs to the counter to get more supplies*
Hari & Jie Hao : Starts fiddling with the circuit..

it's partially completed here...=3
just as a test module...
we switched it on just to see if the first 2 light up...
and well...

it didn't....


something was just not right....
and furthermore...
there was that burning smell....


Ben : *feels in trouble*

so... i took out a pen and start scribbling formulas!

Ben : *screams!!* guys stop!
Jia Hao & Hari : why?

ps: circuit can explode.... not kidding...

*gosh... the amount of wires*


anyway.. we took about 30 minutes....
or maybe even 45...

till our lecturer was so curious of what we're doing...hahaha

he's so in for a surprise... =D

Believe me... he actually encouraged us to do things like this...

he was like :-

Mr $ : As engineers you all should have the characteristics of wanting to know more!!

Us : okay... =3 *whispers* we're gonna get screwed aren't we?








Yup... guys will be guys....

i'll always find ways to waste my time...=3

Anyway.. i've gotta run people!
going off to class soon!!

Take Care!!
more tomorrow!


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