Monday, June 09, 2008

Advice - Abusive Relationships Cannot Be Repaired

Hey everyone!
I've got this question from some guys that were asking about relationships being abusive
and well..asking around and also getting help from others
i have manage to compile this.

Many women live in a relationship that is physically abusive.
The question is why?
Are they not realizing that the relationship is abusive?
Do they get any positive result from that relationship?
Do they fear hurting their partner by leaving?
Why don't they retaliate or walk out?
How do they come in this situation of getting abused?
When it began, why did they not realize?

One can ask many questions about abusive relationships without getting an answer. Let us discuss this.

Let us look at a relationship.
It began well.
After some months, abuse began.
It was very small and at long intervals.
The woman thought that abuse was not inherent
in the nature of her partner and that with time it would stop.
But with time it increased.
Now she is getting accustomed to abuse and
many times does not realize that she is being abused.

When she starts thinking about it,
she begins feeling bad.
How could she go through this?
She may begin hating herself for that.
How does she talk about it to others? What will they say?
They will also ask the question - why did you bear this for so long.
So what should she do?
This self-beating continues with abuse.
The abuser knows that he has hold over
his woman and she will not protest. He continues.

One day, the woman comes to terms with
her situation and can no longer bear the pain of hiding the abuse.
She can no longer tolerate the abuse and the hurt to her self-esteem.
At that point, she walks out.
This was an example. The story may proceed in many different ways.
If you know anybody about whom you doubt that she is undergoing abuse,
talk to her and get her counseling to get out of the relationship.

Because the longer she would stay in an abusive relationship,
she would only place more doubt on herself for the future.

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