Saturday, November 11, 2006


hey everyone....

i know i know...
Yea i know!!

sorry... been busy...
all of u would think...what in the world does ben have to do in school after exams!?

well everyone...
i'll put it all in point form of the things going on around me and my life..

- La Salle School's magazine is out!!
- Planning for next week is important
- Leaving for the United States next friday...
- thinking of what to pack...
- Worried about somethings back here in Malaysia if i'm gone..
- Still Checking Prices For IPOD NANO 2ND GEN
- Deniece is in d hospital (her parents on d way)
- Bee started working..*eek*
- Bee Works from 6pm to 12 am
- Internet Lagging constantly (blame streamyx!)
- Updated Mom's computer (finally after waiting for 2 months)
- Unknown webpages popping out everywhere.! *u know what i'm talking about*
- Need map of California.(Navigation)

Well everyone... i've got nothing more to say...but...i need comments as usuall about everything u see here do email me or just msg me on d chatterbox,!



PS: Pictures :- Bee's Cookies!
Bee's playing GOLF!?!


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