Thursday, August 09, 2007


Loyalty loyalty….

These are the worlds which brought me up in school….

And in the end…they tore me apart….

A few days with a slight conflict… that involved money…

All my class could not fight against was the world loyalty…

Having been said to that if we don’t pay up our money for the school’s magazine we’re not supporting the school thus we are not loyal for the past 5 years!

The topic was “Applying for the school’s Magazine Page”

The problem was that no one was willing to complete the page

Our Decition was “ forget the page lah…”

The Final Solution forced to do it anyway…

Teacher : T

Me : B

Greg : G

Other students : S

Our conversation went:

T : ALL OF U ARE A DISGRACE! For all the school have done for you ,you give nothing back!?

S : This is so last minute! What do u expect us to do?!

S: Yea! None of us wants to complete the page!

S : whats the point of us paying for the page then?

T : all of u are Un LOYAL!

S : *grumbles*

B : Speaking of loyalty….

T : (interrupts) all of u don’t know what the school has done for you?!

-in our minds we were all thinking… what has the school done for us!? Oooh! Yes yes yes… I remember… car parking for teachers.. more air conditioning for the teacher room… and not forgetting all the flowers and crap-

-these are the things we all don’t need in a school!

All we really need are teachers who actually play their part…

And do YOU know what their part is?!


In my class among all the teacher that teaches my class… I could only say that 3 teachers are doing their part… but the others are either absent… or just plain boring us with their stories…..

Yes yes…I agree that sometimes teachers are ment to be like that… but at least learn the ways which we would be able to enjoy learning in…

S: a lot of us don’t want to pay…

T : if all of u don’t pay… the principle will do something to you…

S : *something*? *thinks*

B : (telling to greg) I’ve been in this school working with it for the past 5 years… and I know… the school can’t do anything to us…

G : hmmm

S: haih….

T: *points at me* what have you done to the school ?! but telling everyone that..

B : (angry) I’VE GIVEN SO MUCH FOR THE SCHOOL WHAT HAS IT GIVEN BACK TO ME?! I BROUGHT MY SELF UP… and the school did not help me….

S : True.. he brought the school up with him… not the other way…

T : *tries hard to change topic* if you all do thing’s while expecting something back you will always end up disappointed.

Well… teacher started ignoring all the comments and left class…so much for our lesson time….

Well I did not expect anything back… but all I wanted is a mere simple lesson of respect… that’s all I ever wanted…

Seeing after the moment I started to step down from my positions… seeing the school itself making bad decisions… for one of the fact were the colours… although I wanted it but did not get it… I didn’t really mind having received other awards already….

But for the fact of some other students that deserved it..

like Kok Hooi… which I’ve seen giving a lot for the school with his services…

and also Koh Keik Wee and Abdullah whom deserved a better award than the one they received..

and for the ton’s of applications in the list …whom too also deserved at least some gratitude...

but with all of this …

the school gave one word and rejected the others… Loyalty… I felt crushed…

if the loyal student’s that worked with me did not do it for the school…

it brings out a question….


I thank my fellow friends for being with me all the way showing what our school’s true spirit really is… having a strong ground to stand above all and keeping the school’s true spirit going….

After our year ends… when the seniors go...all I know is that a mere 10 – 20 students out of the hundreds… only know the true meaning of La Salle which brings out the true meaning of Loyalty…




William said...

i bet it was Mdm. Ho.
same freaking thing happened in our class.

km said...

No people are subjected to forced payments. In a way, I think you guys did the right thing - by knowing your rights.

When loyalty comes without principals, I name it as stupidity. You have the principals.

I hope you get what I mean =>