Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I am Pretty much COMPLETE!?!?

Hey people!!

Today was pretty great!!
hahaha although had a little fight here and there over a chair (yea i know its dumb but we're guys) so what then,,,hahaha....anyway its okie already planning to say sorry to d barbie doll feller..hahaha sould i say his name??? if he's reading hahaha sorry dude....

anyway our bio script is ready for tomorrow... i am feeling extreemely nervous and furthermore.. i am actually obsessed with the picture of d paramecium that is pretty cool! seriously! look at d pic above!! cool eh... and seriously its green in colour!! yea... anyway tomorrow is like D-DAY!! for me... too nervous! hope i can get La Salle's first gold!! haih... our school's luck is horrible this year... alittle too bad...

is u guys wanna know where i am going its in S.M.K Meru.... heard is a coet school... goodie me...hahaha:P

u get d pic dont ya?? heh-heh-heh...:P

anyway i've gtg... abit tired today hope it will be better soon..


Viva El Ben

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