Monday, April 24, 2006


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

what a great wEEK for La Salle Klang!!! yea!! we taken the Silver home!
Although we were aiming for d GOLD!!... it was a good try anyway...
we were at S.M.K Meru...
seriously they are a great school... no complain or self thanking... their school's facilities are great!!
but to bad d FOOD at La Salle Klang is still much better!! hahaha...:P
the school that won was like... arr.. damn i dont remember their names...hahaha sorry if u are reading this...hahaha in a blur state...hahaha...
at the competition i met our old little friend Mr William as i called him hahaha...
he looks better than ever but too bad i was a little sick at that time so i did not get the time to talk to him ...hahah i think i was infested with all kinds of sickness..hahaha
maybe is mentaly thingy too nervous!..hahaha...but what i know is that i was darn rite nervous..hahaha!! especially when the news came out telling that we beaten kisas...
and i am serious everyone kisas comes to every competition with a nuclear bomb...hahaha but they missed this time..YES YES YES!!.hahaha sorry guys see ya next year!

Furthermore... when the prize giving ceremony started i was happy but dissapointed that we did not win...haih... wish i could go back to change d script of d program!?!?! hahaha...

okie so far latest news my friends seem to change their numbers...hahaha a few of them are Hellen, and Lyndy...hehehe... whats going on u ask??i wish i knew myself...hahaha :P

anyway the suprising thing about S.M.K Meru is that they dont even know that La Salle even existed! hahaha..

a few guys were like " La Salle?! , kamu dari sekolah Kuala Lumpur kah??"

i was like " tidak lah..kamu tahu tak manakah S.T.A.R? (short for sekolah tengku ampuan rahimah)"

Then he looked at me in an extreemely blur way and said ..." sekolah bintang?!?! ada ke sekolah bintang?"

hahaha i was laughing out loud in myself...hahaha anyway i manage to explain in a blur way to him where is La Salle school...hahaha.. he was like

" oooo..... ya ke... thank you ya." hahahaha

yes!!! i am still sooo happy!!! hahaha....


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