Saturday, April 29, 2006

I.U Day rocked!!!

HAHA!!! I.U Day was great!!! seriously!!!


we were all prepared for everything that might go wrong and guess what... nothing did go wrong..hahaha!!

Our theme was " Spirit Within" the theme that "I" created!! hahaha yea!! hahaha it rocked!!!

hahahahaha hmm... there are some photos of our Interact B.O.D..hahaha

seriously the food is great!!! we had "nasi briyani" haha and other stuff like curry and stuff...and stuff....u get it?? hahahaha...

Ganesha was dancing and changing the whole song that turned out really GREAT!! Where our teacher Pn Jasvir started to dance on stage!! hahaha... we were all getting high and stuff....hahaha

We were all Rocking!!!

-Dj ReCoN-

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ps: sorry everyone i was typing this in a quick way!

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