Thursday, August 02, 2012

You have just got to open your eyes

Hey guys,
Well uni is well on the way and one thing for sure it's getting tougher by the moment.. Honestly I do wish things were much easier than it is now...

Lately I've been told by alot of friends that I seem to be bumping into acts that people usually don't see... Naming a few are such as:
Watching a guy fall off a boat
Catching a moment of a stunt plane flying between a building
Mistakenly walking in on a couple doing it at the library
The embarrassing sights of a man with his junk hanging out of his pants
And witnessing a female burst into embarrassing mode dropping her stash of dildos on the floor...

And yes.. They were all true...
And NO I'm no voyeur..

Well I'm certain that I don't go looking for things like these to happen... They just happen anyway... Hahaha...

Things like these , honestly are what that makes my life more interesting that it could be... As I'm an engineering student...well there is no life from that huh..

My point is that for those out there whom find life incredibily neutral and dead... Just open your eyes and be surprised that things are never as it seems.

Exemptions for many Asians as the idea of 'opening your eyes wide' might be an impossible task...

-Ben- out..

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