Saturday, March 03, 2007

hahahaha...go ahead!

If you leave a comment on this post:

1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

btw do put ur real name on the comment list
so i know who u are or else i might not know
who am i really typing on!



Kim Wong said...

Lucky number one! :D

paulinayap said... the second one?=P

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...


Kimmy :
1. Don't get mad k? haha...short,cute & funny! hahaha sounds like a party pack!
2. Switch on your webcam for me to see!!!
3. Light Blue!
4. Simple and Fun! and most of all Uncomplicated!
5. yea yea.. Pn sunita's class... haha... when i was on the way down the stairs!
6. u know those monkey's? hahha...those furry little animals..yea... Kimmy = Monkey!
7. Was there more to that 1st stare? it still kept me wondering till now!

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...


Paulina :
1. Genius! Pretty!
2. Attend my functions!! please!! please!! hahaha
3. Green! hehe... don't ask why just imagine!
4. You seem to always be there when i need advice... why!??!
5. When i was in your school a few years back going to get stuff from the office...haha
6. hehehe.. a cross between a sloth and a puppy!!! hahah...dont get angry! hahaha
7. wanna go hang out sometime? with my friends?!?

Deniece said...

hahaha me next!!

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

dk dk...


1. Super hot!! and Super Horny! its like u took some hot-ness pills! hahhaha
2. ehem...make out with Josh while taping it and post it on You tube!
3. Pink?
4. you always read my mind! hahahha
5. Just Before you left the departure area for NZ! missing ya still...
6. CAT!
7. Can you like come back already!?!? its been like 4 years!!

U-Mae said...

Uhh... Commented? haha

Kim Wong said...

Haha, i did not stare! and no, IM NOT SHORT OK!

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...


1. Sweet, & Entertaining!
2. Don't take a picture of yourself for 1 week!! hahaha
3. Orange
4. That UNIQUE smile!!
5. Playing Bowling at klg parade!
6. Piggy! hahaha
7. Seriously how much photos have u taken?

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Kim kim to me you are.. hahaha

Samantha said...

wow.... hmmm my turn please?

Paulina said...

aiks...between a sloth n a puppy??lol..dint notice tht u went to my skol..

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...


1. Quiet , Naughty , sexy...heh-heh-heh
2. Admit that Sean is your bf!!
3. Red
4. haha..your hugs!! muahahah ...seriously they are really warm!
5. hmmm... your birthday i guess...when u were wearing that mini skirt! eek!
6. Cheetah! stop running from me!!
7. What did i do wrong that made u that mad last time? hahaha

fangyi said...


Leucine said...


BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Fangyi! :

1. Cool looking and alittle angry sometimes...hahaha...
2. follow me and the guys when i get my licence! hahaha
3. Purple...don't ask me why i seriously don't know why...hahaha just came to my mind!
4. fun guy to talk to...and an extreme footballer!
5. thursday outside my school... in the morning..
6. animal? hahah... dude... donno la...
7. whats with the "cough word"? hehe?

):`t@nYa`:( said...


BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Loo Sin:

1. Funny , Caring , Creative
2. take an original photo and post it la... no posing and stuff!! make it originally YOU!
3. Pink hehe
4. Always laughing "lol" ahah.. open minded
5. 1st time i saw you arr... hmm.. at arr.. Pyramid i think... 3-4 years back?
6. Chimpanzee! hehe
7. Need to call you soon...need help again....can arr?

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Tanya :

1. Lazy x 100! seriously u are... u could even beat aik sein!
2. Stay at home and study!!
3. Purplish-pink
4. a walking radio...haha kidding... nah ur just the kinda person u would like to talk to if we are so bored..
5. hmmm last time i saw u was at...arr... i don't remember at my aunt's apartment!
6. Koala Bear!
7. do u go for those lypo surgery?! coz u never exercise but ur like...arr...STICK! HAHAHHA!

):`t@nYa`:( said...

i on diet ma!!! like u also what!??!?!

and i'm not lazy!!!!
maybe a tinny bit... lol!

LeuCine said...

i dont like pink ! Yerrr. MY FAVE is GREEENN ! see see its my face. no make up and stuff. LOL ! its original tau. LOL!

Angeline said...

So what if i'm late hahaha...Ben!! my turn!!!

Vicky (La Salle pj) said...

remember me

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

loo sin u look like u put on such a thick make up la!! hahahaha

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...


2. sing in some competitions! seriously u can win!
3. Grey
4. Kick ass voice...just like a radio! a walking radio!
5. KL where i saw in the train with your gf while ur singing to her!
6. Peacock!
7. if it is possible to switch voices in the future..can i switch with ya!?

ying fang said...

Aiks XP .. i think im the last person who leave a comment here .. Haha ..

Angeline said...

lol lol... the academy? hmm inti college? ahaha

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

angeline :
1. Superb dancer! , Funny , and terrible driver!
2. Dance in public in from of some restaurant! ahahah
3. reddish pink
4. Can't stop laughing! hahaha u know why that's good? coz u take ppl's attention away! hahaha...
5. arr... hmm... i guess was at that place in Low Yat was it? blue shirt? isit?
6. Parrot
7. alot of ppl don't believe u don't go 4 dancing classes!

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Ying Fang :

1. Friendly , Funny
2. squeeze your brother's cheeks! hehehe!
3. Green
4. Always there when you need to talk to someone... hehehe
5. pn sunita's class!
6. Piggy! hehehe..
7. Keeping ur hair long still?!!?

LeuCine said...

THICK MAKE UP ? i only apply eyeliner and not the thick thick foundation on my face. YEERR ! i dont apply that. WHEEEE !

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

yea...yea loosin....hahahaha
fine fine....
your so called "NATURAL" face

ps: i still don't believe ya!!! hahahaah!!!

Kim Yin said...

samantha's quiet?
dont think so!

BĕňjÀmĩň Ťåņ said...

Actually samantha really is quiet.... i


1. cHOColate Lover! unbelievably thin! and talkative!
2. Stay way way away from chocolates!! and even if u do.... i want some!!!
3. mmm white...
4. manage to irritate people at the right time...hahahaha
5. last time i saw you was at...arrr..... hmmm... i think was it the internet cafe?
6. Gorilla!

kim yin said...

i eat less la!! but chocolate is still a must!