Sunday, September 09, 2007

~ LiFe SiTuAtIoNs ~


1. IF you were to find out you
pregnant/impregnate someone right now
what would you do?
~* hmmm!? what... i seriously doubt that
would happen...

2. Do you trust your friends?
~* not many... coz its just me... i only
trust very few...

3. Would you move to another state?
~* NO!

4. Do you believe that everything
happens for a reason?
~* yes? coz there's practically a reason
for everything in life... :)

5. Name one thing you would not
tolerate well in a relationship.
~* being really bitchy... i'm soo lucky
she isn't.. =3

6. Which of your friends do you think
would make the best roommate for you?
~* roommate? damn.... no idea...

7. Do you think he/she loves you?
~* i know she loves me... :)

8. Are you afraid of falling in love?
~* Not at all.. =)

9. Is there someone who pops into your
mind at random times?
~* yesh =3 every time...

10. Would you stop talking to your
friends because you hooked up with a
new guy/girl?
~* nope.. but ppl say i stop talking to
them... but its just that i'm really
busy... i rarely forget my friends... =/

11. Do you delete people on myspace
when you're mad at them?
~* i don't have myspace! but if u wanna
link them up with friendster... no i
don't delete ppl if i'm mad at them... i
only delete them if i don't know them..

12. From your friends list, who can
you call in the middle of the night?
~* hmm, steph.. =) but she'll be really
frustrated for sure..hehe -pokes-

14. Fill in the blank. I will ...
~* study as much as i can today despite
the temptations that surround me!

15. What are your goals in life?
~* too many ... eek =d

16. Things you would nvr say to brush
ppl off unless he/she pisses u off a big
~* face 2 face : F*CK OFF
internet : "delete" and never add again..
phone : -click-

17. Would you make a good parent?
~* hahaha well... i don't know.. i'll
let the future decide on that.. :)

18. Where was your default pic taken?
~* One utama's Mph.. xD

19. What is your middle name?
~* Chung Young

20. Hotmail or AOL?
~* Hotmail.. =0

21.What's on your mind right now?
~* taking nap!

22. When is the perfect date for you?
~* every date is perfect.. :)

23. Ever had a heartbreak?
*~ yeap..

24. Do you wear contact lenses or
*~ both but the glasses are sorta out of
the way most of the time..hehe

25. What was your dream about last
*~ hmmm...*censored* maximum brutality!

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