Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As i thought the photos went missing!

Hey everyone!!

i was wondering... where in the world did my photos dissapear too!?
ps : found it on a hidden folder on my desktop!
It was supposed to be for my 4th July post!!

yeap... u can see it there...!!


Here's what happened on that day...
it was just another college day and it was really calm..
and the weather was just perfect....

There i was... walking to college..(love to say that)
met Iggy !! yay!

as we always were...
crazy as always...
so we did this to the donation box at the concourse!

Ben = Stuff [Not needed] so ben goes into the BOX!
Clothes?! who needs them!! [throws clothes into the box] we can go nude!

Well that day wasn't a perfect day... as i had test coming up!! hahaha
seeya people!!


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