Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Business of Life...

Take for an example…
We have…. 

Company A.

Company A is doing very well in the business world,
For that it has opened its doors to the public by making it a public listed company,
in which the public is allowed to buy shares from it…A year has passed and the company shares have rose by 50%
and constantly improves itself in the coming years…
A yearly report had been produced showing that it has accomplished 95% of the goals which they target every single year.

Now, we have 

Company B

Company B has already been in a public owned company for years…
But as time passed, it’s capability in the business environment continues to deteriorate.
This is due to the fact that it is unable to adapt to the constant changes in environment.
Its shares continue to plummet at a constant rate but barely beating the profit margin to continue sustaining its business.
 Based on both examples provided, which would u invest your money on?
 What I’ve shown above is an analogy which can be related to a lot of topics which the mind sets you to.
 Isn’t it obvious that A is the safer choice?
But why would someone choose B?
Till today… I Ponder…. 


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Anonymous said...

What you have written is quite true, it could be related to many things that we do.