Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hey Everyone....
well... I've not update much...
nothing much has happened lately...
so well... I've just took some time to do a survey...

well here it is... :-

name 3 schools u went to
- SK LSK, SMK LSK.. ive only been to 2 only!

name 3 things in ur bag
- books,pencil box, laptop!

name 3 things u do when u're really
- sleep , talk to friends , play come pc

name 3 places u go on a daily basis
- living room, bed room , kitchen

name 3 of ur fav fruits
- apples, grapes ,guava

3 names u go by
- Benji, Benjamin , Ben

3 of ur favourite foods
- western , Japanese , French

3 things u'r wearing right now
- Boxers... no shirt....eek....

who's in the house with u?
- I'M ALONE!!!

who r u thinking about right now?
- the one and only...her!

tell me, who's ur special now?
- her ... -blushing-

who do u wanna be with right now?
- her again...:)

who did u last talk to on the phone?
- some unknown boy that got the wrong

who do u sit next to in your class?
- class..hmm... tommy or greg...

who do u wish u were right now?
- i'm happy with myself

The Wheres

where do u live?
- Earth!

where is ur handphone?
- 3 inches away

where do u sleep?
- on my bed, on the chair , on the car!

where is the last place u took a ride
- hahahaha tuition

where are u now?
- home!

The Whats

what was the last thing u ate?
- curry fish!

what colour shirt r u wearing?
- arr... no shirt.... :$

what is the closest item near u
- arr... pc?

what is ur favourite colour?
- Blue, black , dark purple ... it goes
on and on

what do u wear more?
- shirts and surf pants!

what is the last movie that u watched?
- arr... date movie :P

The Whens

when did u start school?
- im 5?

when is ur birthday?
- 14 march

when did u last go to the mall?
- well...arr... 2 weeks back!!

when did u last burn something?
- haha old photo i don't
ever want to see again!

- Your full name without the vowels:
- Bnjmn tn

- What are you listening to right
San Viena ,Johaness Lindsted...

- A part of a song lyric that's in
your mind?
there's no lyrics!! its a guitar solo!

- Your three plans for today?
sleep chat sleep!?! hahahahaha

- Are you thinking of someone right
- Yeah..

- What do you want?
- :) well... only one thing....

- Are you feeling hungry?
nope... too full...

- Who do you miss right now?

- Last friend(s) you talked to?
Tanya ,Stephanie , Ivan

- What do you like about last night?
talking to someone -smiles-

- When you were a kid, what did you
want to be when you grew up?
a businessman! yea!!! hahahhaha

- Do you play game?
game? yea....

- What song did you last hear?
Madagascar , Ministry of sound

- Person you hate most?
dislike...theres only one... hate..
hmm.. none...

- Who makes you laugh the most?
hahahaha...ehem!! hahahahah....

- In a few words, explain what makes
you love someone?
there is no way in the world to explain

- What were you doing this morning
at 9 a.m?
- school.....yawn...

- What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
Chatting with Shennie :)

ps : Believe in what u are... not what u will....

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