Monday, June 11, 2007

19th International Understanding Day of the Interact Club of SMK La Salle, Klang

For in this world we find that,
there are many questions which are left
WHY is life SO complicated!?
WHY can't things be any easier for any
of us?
NOW, we finally understand that
everything in this world happens for a

Life is like a ball.
We have to keep on moving!
The time has arrived for all of us
to unite as one
and walk the roads of life

No more fighting
No more cursing
No more hurting!

The Ball is in OUR park now,
lets rally together and pass it around....

Venue: Crystal Crown Hotel
Date: 16th of JUNE 2007
Time: 8.45 a.m to 12.00 p.m
Entrance Fee: RM 12
ATTIRE : Formal (NO MINI'S etc etc)

For further details, please contact us:
ABDULLAH: 0172440607
BENJAMIN: 0123056276

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