Sunday, July 08, 2007

Joint Interact Installation Day

Hey Everyone….. *sniff sniff*
sorry i've not been updating! its not my fault... its the internet... its all slow!! ish!
anyway i'll give u all the details for the prizes and my funniest moments in point form

- i was supposed to give 2 speeches! eek!
- nervousness
- my installation for my school was like the saddest moment
- YES! I Cried!!
- no i'm not embarassed bout it... i just miss the club...
- one whole year passed so quickly!
- Our school gave for what i've seen could be one of the BEST dance! hehe
tunak tunak counter strike! hahahaha yes we altered the song!

- prize giving ceremony took place...
- ACS won the best Project Award.
- Convent Won the best Interact Club award.
- La Salle won 4! among the 21 that were given out.
2 excelent awards that goes to Kuharaj & Eugene Sebastian
1 Outstanding Award that goes to Abdullah (you should have seen the look on him..hahaha)
1 Best interactor Award that went to ME!! hehehe...and also Yen Shan from Convent...

well.. i was really excited on that day...coz in someway i did not really expect to get it... but i had the feeling i was.... confusing isn't it...haha

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