Sunday, July 08, 2007

LSK Prefects Gathering :)

Hey everyone….

It was my school’s prefects gathering…hahaha

And yes…yes… Alvin did a great job *claps*

I promised myself not to help out…but in the end…. I did…

Well it started off with kanagaraj giving his opening performance with the song I like to move it… hahaha.. everyone was laughing their heads off!

And btw everyone…attendance was amazing!

Can’t compare to our iu day but it was filled! Eek!

Well.. hmm… the event was entertained by several performances such as

The La Sallian drama as usual… dances! And so many other jokes and comedies!

And there was a time…where it was game time…

and the audience were picked to dance! And well arr…as u know…

Malaysian’s are kinda shy and it takes a long time to break the boundaries…

so kanagaraj ,kartikeyan and neil asked for my help to dance on stage... HAHA!

I was like 0_0….

But I did it anyway… and I danced my usual song…tunak tunak tun!

It was great how the day turnout to be…

but I feel kinda bad for a few things

here are the pictures of the day!

Ps: I met a lot of old and new friends!


I Like To Move It Move It!
Mr. Anadurai
Drama Crew having a table talk!
tunak rocks!
everyone on stage dancing!
tunak's begining!
Drama Crew!
d 4 of us!
Tommy , me ,hoong tah and keik wee striking a pose!
High school's prefects getting wild!
2 emcees doing what they do best! jumping on each other!
Kartikeyan the emcee dancing!
Joshua and mathew
The yoyo guyz!
Kanagaraj dancing
5 min later Kanagaraj still dancing
me and the Prefects of another school :/
Me with some of my friends from klang Utama and Kwang Hwa :)
Group photo!! hahaha
Group photo! hehehe... hazmi , how , ivan , Hoong tAH , me , tommy , keik wee

Collecting a Souvenir from Mr Woon.

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