Thursday, October 18, 2007

How open are you with your beloved?

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today's topic...

How open are you with your beloved?

I have read it at many places that why tell your beloved about your past? That may spoil your present. Let me present my thoughts to this. If we are not totally honest and open with our beloved, that means we are not sure about our relationship. That means that we do not have confidence in each other. That means that the relationship is fragile.

Why talk about such relationship, which is still fragile. Such a relationship will break for some or other reason.

A strong relationship can take any storm.

In a strong relationship, we are ready for some disagreement but know that ultimately things will be same as before.

It is like a child who has got totally scolded. Mother may scold the child but it will be same as before within half an hour. As like nothing has ever happened. That is a strong relationship.

If you hide vital facts about your past from your sweetheart, you will always suffer from the guilt and worry about hat if he/she gets to know about that. That is not a happy Relationship. Such relationships cause stress, rather than giving any pleasure. To get pleasure, have confidence, tell your partner everything about your past, and expect that they will not only understand but also comfort you about that. That is the sign of a open and strong relationship.

Any relationship that is not fully honest and open is like a leaking boat. Anytime water may get filled and the boat may sink.

Go out there and do what's right!


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