Thursday, November 29, 2007


hey everyone... thanks for checking in every time...
but just sorry for not updating... i'm still trying to get used to the new lifestyle i have...
and i'm guessing alot of ppl are also following suit after SPM!!! HAHAHAHA


Name 10 people you can think of
right off the top of your head.

1. Stephanie Lee
2. Koo Wern Jhin
3. Goh Aik Sein
4. Sandra Lee
5. Deniece Koo
6. Josh Harry
7. Jia Chyi
8. Sonia Chin
9. Joshua Ying
10. Lyndy

~* Ah… Gregory… well hmmm met him back at standard 1 and well our size to age ratio remain the same till we were form 5…haha… still small…hahaha

2 . What would you do if 2 and 6 were
going out?
~* hahahah tom and josh.?! Haha… oh well… I don’t suppose they’re gay… but well… guess they’ll be fine… hahaha

3 . How long have you known number 8?
~* sonia… actually quite long… didn’t really start chatting till we were like form 4? Then its an off an on thing… chat when we can…haahaha

4 . What do you think of number 7?
~* simple talkative girl…hahaha

Always confused with the blur look

5 . What would you do if 4 confessed
he/she loved you?
~* hahaha~..arr…arr… sorry la…. I’m in love with ur sister?

Hehehe =3 it won’t happen….

6 . Whose 5 going out with?
~* hahaha… I doubt she’s “going out” when she would be at home being all active! Hahahaha she’s going out with josh harry….hahahaha

7. What does 1 do for a living?
~* She’s studying, and well she spends most of her time being caring bout me.. =P

8. Would you live with 4?
~* hahaha… I don’t mind… BUT! Depends on her sister…hahahah!

9. Where does 10 live?
~* hahah… some where in klang where its so near my teachers house..and also quite near my school I guess…

10 . What do you like about 1?
~* I love every single thing bout her…. She’s what u can call perfect to me.. =3


11 . Does number 2 like to dance?
~* hehehe… I’ve got no idea… heard him talking about taking up hip hop..hahaha…

1 2. Does 8 sleep with a stuffed

Arr… hmmmm I don’t think so… not stuffed la… but I think she has her little doggy next to her… if I’m correct?

13 . What is your opinion of number 9?
~* hahaha… my cousin which is close to me compared to others… hahaha…

14. Would you ever get drunk with
number 2?
~* yeahhh! Hahaha… but most probably he’ll pull me out of the drinks and send me home…hahahah

15 . What would you do if 1 and 5 were
going out?
~* I won’t do anything..hahaha.. just to watch all the “topics” they talk about..hahaha!

1 6 . Ever gone somewhere with 10?
~* hahaha.. lyn? Alone… no… but meet each other a lot when the interact club was still on….haha… oh well… the clubs quiet…

17 . Would you ever go out with 6?
~* yeahhh! Hahaha

He’s pretty cool!

18. Have you ever slept over at 7's
~* nuuuu……

19. Have you ever kissed 1?
~* maybe~ =P (follow’s stephie’s answer)

20 . Does 5 play a sport?
~* hahaha… if u count “u know what I mean” as a sport… then yes…hahahaha!

21 . How did you know 2??
~* ah… form 1 friend.. probet’s…then wacky…

22 . Did you know 6 secrets??
~* plenty! ahahaha

23. What is 8 scared of ??
~* Kids?

24. What's 3 dreams?
~* to own a super computer and never work for his entire life!?

25 . Which number you always want to go
out with?
~* aww.. this question is evil… but well… 1,2,4 hahaha… honestly… but if I could I’ll go out with everyone…hahaha

26 . Who's 10 to you??
~* old childhood friend

27 . Ever fight with 1?
~* not really~

28. What if 7 said he/she likes you ??
~* arrr…arrr….*no comment?* sorry…

29 . What's 4 fav drinks ??
~* Chocolate milk, hot chocolate , melted chocolate , anything with chocolate? And also chocolate juice if it existed! Teehee… =3

30 . Do you love 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and
~* diff kinda love, tats for sure. =D (agrees with stephie)

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