Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey everyone!
well.... i've got tagged by my girlfriend....
Stephanie Lee..
ahh... =/
oh well...
a tag's a tag...
and i've gotta do it...


~*What is the relationship of you and her/him?

** Stephie's my girlfriend.. =3

~* Your 5 impression of her/him?
** Being really honest.. Stephie's Sweet , Honest , Kindhearted , Simple and Happy-go-lucky.

~* Most memorable things she/he have said to you?
** ~=3 what do couples say? hehe.. " i love you...=3"

~* Most memorable things she/he have done for you?
** A lot of things... but one of the nicest was still on my birthday.. she "tried" cooking for me... *giggles*

~* If she/he becomes your lover, you will..
** *laughs hard* she is my lover now... so... what i do know is related to this question! too many things to fill in.. hahaha

~*if she/he becomes your enemy, you will..
** oh?! the enemy part? Well... that would mean we've not been talking... and i doubt we would... get the idea?

~* if she/he becomes your lover, she will have to improve on..?
** Nothing at all... she's just fine as she is... =3 random mood swings are pretty alright with me...

~* the most desirable thing to do on her is..
** *i'm lost on this question people...

~* the overall impression of her/him..
** Sweet (everyone says that) , friendly (everyone says that too) , Simple (everyone says that!!) , and finally lovely... =3

~* how do you feel the people around you feel about you?
** honestly? myself... well..
i'm soooo confused... cause i've got mixed personalities...
meaning i change character to talk to different crowds... and honestly it's confusing even to my self... i just hope most of their opinion are good...

~* the character of you for yourself..
** loud. Follows principles . set rules. making decisions are normal. Bad temper but controlling slowly... able to predict lots of things. easily jealous. competitive. loves to win. street smart..Would not want to admit wrong until all hope is totally lost. sensitive. good friend to talk to... bad enemy to have..

~* on the contrary, the character you hate of yourself?
** i hate to know it all.... cause i've got this character of telling people what might happen... where it usually does... but i hate to do something or furthermore! do nothing!...

~* the most ideal person you wanna be?
** hmm, someone who's confident on the decitions i make in life. =3 and definitely smart and excels in everything i do weather career or family. =)

~* for the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them..
** Well everyone... thanks for caring... and i'll always be here if u need help , tho I've only known most of you out there for short periods of time...

~* list 10 ppl to tag.

Jonathan Tan
Ignatius Goh
Jia Chyi
Joshua Lim
Kennard Lai
Susan Teh
Sie Hui
Yan Ming

~* who is no.2 having a relationship with?
** urhmmm, i hope someone! *daaaah!!!*

~* no.3 is male or female?
** female!

~* if no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing?
** HAHAHAHA!!! YES YES!!! HAHAHA HOMO's sweet!!!

~* how about no.5 and no.8?
** pretty good! but number 8 is taken... but they would actually be a really sweet couple! he's a singer! and u can imagine the serenade...

~* what is no.1 studying abt?
** he's currently studying Chemical engineering in Minnesota U.

~* is no.4 still single?
** i'M SOOOOOOO CONFUSED ABOUT JOSHUA.... you know? he can't quite make his mind up yet....hahaha changes his mind about *you know what* like he changes undies...

~* say something about no.6..
** DO THE TAG LYN.... *evil glares!*

Okay! gotta go people! hahahaha

take care!

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