Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Story almost forgotten... sighs....

Hey everyone...

well.. today I'm gonna be posting bout things that I've actually forgotten to post!!


sorry people!! hahahaha

this happened on the 1st of November! yup...
1 freaking month ago! hahahA


anyway... here's the photos =3

it was melody's brother's Wedding X3

Yup... it was one whole month ago!
well we were on our way there.. where
Kristine,Darren , Darlin Stephie and meeeeee...

well... our little trip from Sungai Long begun where we went to the city... and well...

IN THE CAR : -----------------------------------

Benny : How to get there arrr?

Stephie : Turn Left here!!!

Benny : ? huh? here? *oops missed the turning already*

Kristine : Nevermind sure can find way around!

Darren : *SILENCE*

*15 minutes later*

Everyone : -_-"

Benny : GPS ain't responding.... shit....

Stephie : I told u to listen to me!!! piffie!!

Kristine : No worries lah! i call my brother!

*Kristine's Brother on the phone*

Kristine : Eh how to get to that place ah?

Kristine's Brother: U must turn here , turn there , turn here *giving instructions*

*Call closed*

Stephie : so ?

Benny : So where to go now?

Kristine : errrr... donnno....

Darren : *SILENCE* ~Smiles away~

*15 minutes later*

Everyone gets a sight seeing tour!



we did reach our destination on time...



but we're not the last!!
alot of people were lost too!

Benji : *wheew*


anyway... here's most of the photos through the night...
the dinner ended around 11.30pm? i think?

and well..
the GROUP decided to go clubbing...
and we ended up going to asian heritage row area? ya know?

we went to maison..

It's kinda OOOOKay... i guess...
not bad...

kinda wish i was 21!

can go into other clubs...

I miss Gerald!!!
Dude! please come back to malaysia! get my passes into clubs!

anyway... i better go..

another post on the way...


Enjoy the pictures!

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