Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ipad

Since the time when Steve Jobs came out with the idea of a super-sized iPod touch, well his team came up with the revolutionary Ipad,
Seriously... at that moment in time... It changed the way the WORLD views things,

and that has set the pace for everyone to keep up with the new hype...

and well.. as the world struggled to keep up in the revolution, time passed and even as supply could not pacify the people's demand,
What should you do?


OBVIOUSLY... you increase production to satisfy the demand!

no no no... as a marketing idea...
you release the new Ipad 2....

another year repeated itself,

and then came.... THE NEW iPad
(actually the same shit as the ipad 2 but with minor upgrades what fan-boys will only go drooling over)....

And thinking back to that day, the day which the 1St arrived,
who ever bought it then must be pretty pissed that although they were the first before... their probably at the back of the pack again....

Most people have pre-decided to purchase "The New Ipad".
and so what's the fate of the old Ipad you say?

Now that's a story that will get us all wondering about for awhile.... =/

Not saying that the ipad is a piece of crap, it is useful at times but... do you really need it?


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