Friday, March 23, 2012

The Law, have they lost faith?

Well it's been well over a year since i came down to Australia,
and to be honest, I've grown fond of it...

And through these times, I could understand why many "Legitimate people" would dream of being an Aussie,

but well... through the year that I've been here, I've realized...
Aussies and their government are beginning to show signs of decline...

take a look at the news...

It's like COME ON!


I wonder all the time, when you are in trouble who do you call?
The Police?
But when the police does his job, It's his fault for causing harm?!

Comparing the force here and the ones back home, it is obvious tha
t the Aussies have a well trained and well equip force for defending the peace at home.

Let's look at the news shall we?

Summary :
Guy was driving unregistered vehicle.
Guy goes over speed limit,
Police attempt to pull over Guy,
Guy speeds up after refusing stop upon command,

Police pursue,
Chase Gets heated up.
Chase Moves closer to town centre,
Police Ordered to Stand Down.
Police failed to abandon pursuit.
Guy Runs red light and into traffic.
Guy brought to hospital and died soon after,
Another Innocent, seriously injured.

so the part of this...


you be the judge...

and the more recent News (Link)

Based on this story,
my simple question is :
when there are several policemen asking you to halt...AND IF YOU ARE INNOCENT...
A) Turn yourself in as you're innocent?
B) Make a run for it while ditching your shirt?

Well, our good old friend here decided to make a run for it?
and the police had to tase him to the ground and from that effect he died....
my opinion weather he was in the right or wrong, he deserved it....

if you disagree ? i'll ask you?
If 3 Police men tells you to stop while pointing taser's at you?
Would you run?

and throughout all of this my point is still,
somehow Aussies are too nice for their own good....

and if this attitude towards law enforcers continues,
I pray hard for the saviour of this nation.....

Trust me I've yet to begin with the Prime minister... =/

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Anonymous said...

I certainly do agree, it's as though the people in the country has lost their morals.... it's sad knowing it...