Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Samsung... Why...

That Awkward moment when Samsung Service Centre does all it can to avoid fixing your laptop just because they don't know how.

I strongly believe businesses should admit for their incapability of solving an issue, just by saying "I'm sorry, we really don't know what's wrong" is probably the best solution ever, as it creates an opportunity to pave a way towards creating a probable solution.

If they had just said that, I would had just politely asked them to give me a letter to acknowledge the situation and thus, by Australian consumer regulation I would simply get a refund from my seller, and it would be a win win...

but those bastards had to use every blame game in the book, format my pc and furthermore give a reason of "we thought formatting the pc would work..." after countless of times that I kept informing them that "It Won't Do Any Good Formatting".

Have you seen the new zoo in Sydney?
It's at 8 Parkview Drive Homebush Bay NSW 2127.
filled with pretty awesome Chimps... :)

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