Thursday, September 06, 2012

I may not be an American

From the title,
It says so little but could just mean so much.
I may not be an American, but if i could i would place my support for Obama.

Many did say that this video may be a propaganda tool,
Further elaborating that what he did is not right.

I did my research on every topic covered in the video..

and damn i'm proud to see a human being of his status living up to his promise.

His promise of Change.

Looking at the great United States of America.
It was obvious that the country was in unstable decline during the Bush Administration.
As all they did was pumped money into the economy hoping that the problems would go away.
After assuming power, hard decisions were made.
One would think of that moment where decisions made are not worth the Risk.
But just as a game of Poker, You'll never know you've won till you see your opponents hands.
I am extremely intrigued on the possibility of a secondary Bail-Out for America's Automotive Industry.
Where proposition was pointing on the fact that companies like General Motors were loosing money by the second.
It was obviously clear to a regular mind that a bail-out would be preposterous!

He did it anyway.......

With harsh terms and conditions where the government would play a significant role in the management of the industry till the loans are paid back.

And knowing now that GM showed an increased growth on the past few years proves that there had been a change. and in just 2 years loans were paid back in full and the company has begun hiring again.
Many do complain on the presidents stance in a Green America, but one thing for sure his recent gas mileage limitation on all vehicles in america shows that he may sacrifice a rich commodity(Gasoline) for the sake of environment. 
And as a double edge sword is sharp on both ends, this decision has pacified the Oil Hungry Nation. This would clearly improve conditions for the future of the nation.

One this is still for sure,
after viewing Defranco Nation and Sourcefed's  live feed on the DNC and DRC.
*links down below*
has somehow pointed out that the Occupy movement, originally having a good cause, is currently being drifted from their main objectives.

As i dug through the masses of information all over the internet. I could only clearly summarize that, 
The Occupy Movement is fought by modern day hippies whom don't want to get their sorry ,lazy fat asses of the ground to get work done. They believe that "BLA BLA BLA" but their actions justify else. But it's obvious that their cause is slowly diminishing and they would greatly prefer to be fed by the government if possible...

If there are any protesters on my site now..
I fully recommend you to come on down to Australia!

where the government will feed you constantly and take care of you till the day you die on the expense of others.....

The true protesters of the movement have long gone back into the workforce as conditions have significantly improved.

Placing all this problem aside, i wish that the Malaysian Government could at least practice half the capability of the current American Government.
But it is obvious that we Cant compete with a nation of that magnitude, but it is still possible that we could the least change the direction in which the nation is heading....

I do hope and pray for the sake of the future generations....

~~ Ben Out.....~~

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