Sunday, June 25, 2006

Camp Day!!! yea!

Okie! Now today's blog will be about the past wednesday till saturday! yea!
or maybe i will cut it short to about 3 blogs!
It all started with me going for camp!
and the only photos i taken was in the bus where we using for the trip there..
abdullah got blur
yeoh jie seng acting blur
Brandon looks blur
Conclusion on the bus is that everyone was all BLUR!
Here's the list of activities we done!
1. We were splitted in to 8 groups where their leaders were
- group 1 - Sivanesh
- group 2 - Brandon Lee
- group 3 - Soh Wei Xiang
- group 4 - Tan Lee Xiong
- group 5 - Lim Hoong Tah
- group 6 - ME!!!
- group 7 - Pravin
- group 8 - Abdullah
2. After that we had the usuall activities like the group flag thinggy and stuff.
3.Learnt 5 camp songs! that are :-
- selamat datang
- Disini
- Jika Anda
- Umpama
- Hepoh Entai Entai
4. Had Jungle Trekking! so tiring!
5. Flying Fox
6. Wall Climbing! (Shit Almost got to the top ! one more step!)
7.War Games
8.Obstacle Course
9. Night Alone walking
10. Prize Giving ceremony!
And Yes of coz my team won the best team award! yea !
For that i would like to thank our team's best member Chuah! yea dude!! you rock!!
Feel the power!
okie thats all for now.... in bed now... while cousin josh sleeping on the floor!
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