Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mo? So? Fo?

Well..the so called real holiday has begun!! finally!
everything on my plans are completed!!
especially the jerseys! that gave me a big headache....
bought Diadaro...although we wanted to get nike...we found out that the jerseys are actually much expensive than nike... but luckily i was at the warehouse! so cheaper!!! including printing!!

so we have a few problems.. but not as much as what i had before... so i am still happy...

anyway..what to do for the holidays?? let me see.... i am 100% going for a movie!! make that 2...or 3... so if u wanna come along call me.!!
what else...today was great as uncle george took me to the warehouse to get the stuff..then took me to lunch...haha! ate yong tao foo...! the bill was like RM55 for 4 ppl...so its okie... not bad when the food we get is alittle too delicious!! needed more!! hahaha

kay cant type much today...coz its still in d afternoon...
so seeya...

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