Saturday, January 13, 2007

Meaning of A Love So Rare...

Okie everyone...
i guess i'll say it out...

okie well...
A Love So Rare...
well its known to me as one of the best poem
i wrote when i met someone... last year...
anyway its down there....
hope you all like it... do comment about it....

A Love So Rare

No truer words will ever be spoken
you have all my love and devotion
I close my eyes when we're apart
but visions of you still stir in my heart

Nothing has ever been so right
may our future be forever bright
We have a love that is so rare
That others dream they could only share

Without you I would be half not whole
the emptiness I would feel in my soul
That greatest gift I will cherish in life
will be the day you become my wife

I will always stand strong and true
a promise to honor and protect you
My love will grow for each passing day
stronger then any spoken words I can say

You are my angel from high above
forever we will share this eternal love
When our two souls are united as one
forever and always we will shine as one

Benjamin Tan

PS: Guys please dont u dare take it and pass it
to your gf's saying that u wrote it yourself...

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