Monday, August 21, 2006

BBQ at Janet's house! hehe

Hey everyone...sorry for another delayed postage! hehe...
kay it was the saturday night after the inti camp! haha..was tired but well when i saw my friends came to pick me up at the club that i was waiting at..i was suddenly so energetic! haha..
yea we had alot of was also scary at 1st when Lillian came to my house to see my parents 1st...she was all white! she had a terrified look...hahaha...anyway it went well..everyone was happy and etc etc we walked to Janet's house for the barbeque...hehe...Koo, Hoong Tah, and me...we did what we did best cook...but 4 all the cooking we did...we kept forgetting about the Honey! hahaha
other than that we stopped eating about 9.30 pm....where we went in 2 d house to watch a movie called "Scary Movie 4!!" haha it was like soooo funny...and i think it deserves a rating of
"18sx" hahaha....:P
when the barbeque ended i went home after sending my friends home..hehe..
Wish i could stay alittle longer with Lillian....hehe....
when i reached home...i went to my bed and i dropped DEAD !hahaha...
All Of us preparing stuff 4 the fire...hehe..
Lillian and Me :)
Me, Hoong Tah and Tommy making a fool out of ourselves!
Tommy, Hoong Tah, Me and Lillian!
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